Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today when my sister demanded tea, I went into the kitchen to find freshly boiled milk and I took in the aroma....... It reminded me of the time when we visited Calcutta (now Kolkata!). I was just about 7 or 8 years and my Aunt used to give me and my sister freshly boiled milk, early in the mornings. We used to accompany our cousin brother to fetch the milk from a machine or something (which I don't remember), but what I do remember is that the machine used to pour milk out when one put a coin in it. I was awestruck with the technology back then.
I used to like that fresh milk, just off the gas, so much at that time..... The taste was so natural and and we did not need Bournvita or Horlicks to gulp the milk down! It tasted sweet by itself. Anyways me and my sister were never the kind of kids who hated milk. But now that I think of it, I would probably prefer adding something in the milk and not have it plain.
That aroma brought the taste back and the memories lingered all day long....... bringing a smile to my face..... :)

First Day First Show!!

I am a bit excited since I wanted to create a blog since the past few days because I like the way people can express themselves on their own blog...... And given the fact that I am quite expressive, I said "Why not!!" So here I am... this is me ( I do love this song :) ) , get to know me more through my blogs!