Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Transition

The transition - of becoming a woman from a girl. Though I'm not sure if I fall under the category of a woman yet, I still know what it takes to be one.

A few days ago, my colleague was telling me about how she shopped for a few things, and felt like a girl rather than a grown-up, married woman. It left me with a few thoughts. Of what I feel about the transition.

When a girl goes through different phases of life, some of the things are known to her, while some are taught by others. But most of the girls know how to behave in those different phases of her life. Very few remain kiddish. There are so many emotions inside of her when she is realising that it's time for her to become a mature girl. That her immature behaviour might irritate herself. Some are happy thinking about the freedom they will get as soon as they become a woman. Of the times ahead. In this transition, some become serious and take everything seriously. While some might be upset that the young phase of their life is slowly passing away with time. 

Me? I don't think I was ever upset when I realised that I'm actually not immature anymore. That people around me think of me to be a mature girl/woman as well. It was a nice, and in a weird way, an independent feeling. A girl always has emotions  - of every kind. She comes across them in various stages of life. May be that is the reason a woman is considered to be a woman. Because she goes through various things in life - complicated and simple. In fact, all through her life. 

Why is it that after a certain stage, the woman starts judging herself, though unknowingly? What is wrong in going back to the young you, once in a while? It's not that you'll lose a tab of the mature you. That's the reason I believe in being young at heart. It's a different concept altogether. It does not mean that you become childish or some such. It's the moment you stop judging yourself. The moment you realise that being a woman could be simple as well as difficult at times. But at the end, you know what you're made of. You know that being a woman is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to you. 

And it's very important for the gentlemen around us to realise, what being a woman means and takes. 

Just go back to the young you today, and see if you realise what being young at heart means sweety. Everybody is growing old everyday, but you can do so in a different way. With grace, love, happiness and with youth :)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Contagious Laugh - The Best Disease!

Dreaming about the future is such a feel good factor! Especially the one I have in my mind.

I see myself alone (yes for a while). With only the people I love around me. Only the positivity around me. Friends coming over most of the times. Having the craziest time of our lives! I see myself laughing so hard all the time, loudly! Laughter of me and my loved ones echoing throughout the house. Like those rare pictures people manage to click when people are laughing hard so much so that their stomach starts hurting, tears roll out, laughing with their heads swaying back most of the time! So hard that it's hard to breathe! :) Have you ever had that lovely laugh?

I love those contagious laughs! :) I cherish such moments when I laugh that great laugh. Because it's not everyday. But I want to, and I know I will laugh like that very soon - everyday :) I will live this dream that keeps flashing in front of my eyes all the time. I see myself as a calmer person. A much happier person. A fun-filled one too. I know that is me.

So laugh like you've never laughed before! Atleast we can try to do that everyday. And make sure it's contagious! :) A contagious laugh brings a smile on others face, if not that laugh.

Since I like to (and do!) smile most of the times, I shall try and make others smile too :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Retail Therapy!

Yes 'retail therapy'! It works everytime, doesn't it girls? :) Irrespective of your mood. If you're low, you'll be pepped up; if you're happy you'll be hyper!

I was checking out this blog yesterday. I liked a lot of things - her clothes and some of her accessories as well. All through the day, I kept looking at it, and I realised I still haven't explored one side of me. I know what stops me from exploring it, but then I had decided to pay attention to my likes and dislikes. Because I want to live my life. The one and only!

So, after having a chat with my sister, I decided to check out a few clothes in the lovely shop - Just Casuals. With actually no plans of buying, I ended up buying one cute skirt and a cute cute top! Yeah...I do things on impulse :D I don't mind that at all!! 

Which made me more excited (as I already was during the day with thoughts of cute clothes :D)! I went home with the purpose of turning a piece of cloth into a much cooler one. And the new top looks perfect on it! :)

The point being, retail therapy does work for girls (take note guys!). And then, all of us have one life to live and try out everything! So why not explore the side of yours which you have always wanted to explore! :)

Thank you God, for providing me with this thought and pepping me up! :)