Friday, September 17, 2010

Retail Therapy!

Yes 'retail therapy'! It works everytime, doesn't it girls? :) Irrespective of your mood. If you're low, you'll be pepped up; if you're happy you'll be hyper!

I was checking out this blog yesterday. I liked a lot of things - her clothes and some of her accessories as well. All through the day, I kept looking at it, and I realised I still haven't explored one side of me. I know what stops me from exploring it, but then I had decided to pay attention to my likes and dislikes. Because I want to live my life. The one and only!

So, after having a chat with my sister, I decided to check out a few clothes in the lovely shop - Just Casuals. With actually no plans of buying, I ended up buying one cute skirt and a cute cute top! Yeah...I do things on impulse :D I don't mind that at all!! 

Which made me more excited (as I already was during the day with thoughts of cute clothes :D)! I went home with the purpose of turning a piece of cloth into a much cooler one. And the new top looks perfect on it! :)

The point being, retail therapy does work for girls (take note guys!). And then, all of us have one life to live and try out everything! So why not explore the side of yours which you have always wanted to explore! :)

Thank you God, for providing me with this thought and pepping me up! :) 


Vandana said...

I agree.. totally!!! You should live your life to the fullest... and do what makes you happy!! Life is to live.. live happily! Give it a shot! Happiness is just round the corner!

Nirupama said...

Yep Vandu :) One life to love! Might as well live it to the fullest! :)