Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Half Book Review: Curious Lives

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I am currently reading Curious Lives by Richard Bach. I picked this book up back in Bangalore, randomly, also probably because I had just finished reading another book by him. I liked the introduction of the book then, all about fables and adventures, reminded me of my childhood - just the introduction. I did start reading it, but it didn't interest me that much at the time. And now that I opened my bag of books transported to Nagpur, I picked it up again.

And boy am I glad I did! In About the book section, one line that I liked was, "This book is best read aloud at bedtime with your kids, spouse or lover." Though I did not try reading it aloud to V, it definitely is one of those bedtime books. It's like being transported back in time, where you would sleep off listening to or reading a fairy tale, with a curious mind and a happy heart. Every book I read, I read it with a free mind. Especially if it's non-fiction, I let my imaginations flow. This book has made the task of imagination a delight!

And I say all of this even though I haven't finished half of the book! Nowadays, I look forward to my special time with this book at bedtime. I cannot believe it didn't interest me previously. May be work life stress was a big reason for me to find it uninteresting and dragging. Now that I have lots of free time on hand, it comes across as a wonderful delight, this book.

Though I strongly recommend this book (yes, already), stay away from it if you're not a fan of fables and tales.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Ingredients Of A New Year

Ugadi Pachadi

I am not much of a traditional festival lover, especially with the number of festivals we (Andhrites) have. A few of my favourites is Ugadi (New Year) and Diwali. Diwali for just the lamps and not the crackers though.

Ugadi for the joy of a new beginning, the excitement of wearing new clothes and the Ugadi Pachadi we make! Ugadi Pachadi, a watery drink, is symbolic of the year ahead, reminding us of how it can turn out. Its ingredients are also the reminder of the summer season and the new flora and fauna it brings. The drink contains - jaggery, raw mangoes, tamarind, ground pepper, Neem tree flowers and powdered green cardamom. These signify that your year ahead be a little bit of all the elements mentioned above - sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and aromatic - a little bit of everything. It tastes wonderful and I like it more because of the significance. 

Today, I recall how mom used to get up early, prepare Ugadi Pachadi and wear new clothes. It's not a festival for my in-laws, but I wanted them to taste this Pachadi and made some for everyone. Though it didn't turn out to be like mom's, it did taste well! I wore a new saree too :D Also prepared some payasam (kheer, a sweet dish). It felt nice to do things that mom used to do. It made me feel as if I've achieved some goal, probably of being the homemaker :)

And the cherry on top of the cake was when V said, thank you for putting in all the efforts. It made my day :)