Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On My Way!

After dreaming about my prince for long, it was literally a dream come true when I first met him. Now that I look back upon that time, it all seems magical & so wonderful!

Friends say it's a very dreamy, cute story. I believe so too. How else would you think two long lost friends came together only to become partners for life? After years of not being in touch, we came together via the internet. No, it's not a strange internet love story. Both of us found out through chats that we love writing letters, yes handwritten ones. 

When I started writing to him, it was as if I had found a friend I was looking for. The conversations we had in letters, the anticipation of when the next letter will arrive, the beauty & charm of it! Sigh! Both of us were (and still are) more than happy to realise that we're old school. During those 6 months of writing to each other, we made it a point to not call or text, not chat as well. Emails were allowed. Those 6 months of letter writing was where we came to know each other. Our letters spoke so well about ourselves. There wasn't a missing link, ever. We poured our hearts out, and aren't we glad that we did!

Though we knew each other since long, letters made us break our prejudices about each other. He revealed himself so honestly in the letters. I loved the qualities that kept adding on to the person I knew.

It wasn't a surprise when we started discussing relationships and our ideas about love, marriage & partners. Like any other conversation, it drifted off to a lot of discussions. Probably typical when he said he wasn't looking forward to marriage or a relationship for that matter. I, on the other hand, have always been in love with love! Being the typical me, I tried to tell him where he was thinking wrong about the whole idea. I just wanted to change his perception about love & marriage.

And when it came to judging ourselves, while convincing him, I told him upfront that I wouldn't mind dating him at all. That was the fire that let the fireworks out! Before we knew it, we just wanted to meet each other. It was one of the wisest decisions we took I'd say. All I wanted to know was whether he was the same person as he is in his letters - honest, simple, charming. No marks for guessing that he did turn out to be exactly that....

It'll be a year since our first date happened last year and here we are, exactly a month away from getting married :) Everyday since that day I have found new reasons to love him, and now these 30 days seem to bring an inexplicable joy. The countdown has begun! Bound to start this chapter on a love-filled & fun-filled note!