Sunday, May 29, 2011

Music Taking Flight

I love music. In most of it forms. And I might have mentioned before, that I'm very much thankful to my parents for giving us an ear for music. To the extent that it's a part of living.

Ever since I made my base in Bangalore, one reason I love this city (apart from the romantic weather, yes) is its love for music. This city thrives on music. And I'm amazed as well as thankful for how me and my sister have taken to this city and its own life, so quickly. So it was more than a bliss when I discovered that there are gigs happening here practically all the time (bless thy soul)! Both of us would find out about the various gigs during the week, mostly over the weekend starting Friday nights.

Then there are music festivals! I attended Fireflies, an overnight fest. And we discovered this amazing band 'Parvaaz' there. To our delight, it's a local band! So once we discovered them we started stalking them, literally. We followed them on their Facebook page and got updated about their upcoming performances. We would meet them after every performance just to tell them how great they were. And we didn't realise that we eventually became friends with the band members and the manager, and grew closer to the band!

The members are just great, needless to say hugely talented, gentlemanly, and fun! Last Friday, I had to attend their gig and was talking to my lead about them. It dawned upon me how me and my sister's journey about and with this band had been. Somewhere, one of the things I wanted in life was to know a band, it happened and how! They produce great music and never fail to amuse the audience. We're always going to be a fan of this band. I'm proud to be associated with this band, and later in life too, I will always remember them and the pride will stay.

I love music, and it just adds a cherry on top when you know great bands like these. Always thankful to have an ear for music :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

That Mysterious Smile!

One of the good things about travelling in buses, is the varied kind of people you get to see/observe or meet. It's a good thing for studying human psychology as well!

And then there is a set of people that are regulars. I like that part too. Where I know strangers in a strange manner. Though I don' talk to them, I'm reassured when I see them in the bus. Same goes to say for the conductors. If I take a bus at another time for a week or so, or if I'm on leave, they never fail to ask why I wasn't taking the bus! Sweet small gestures :)

One of the regulars in my bus is a nice, very simple looking man. Seems like in his late 20's and working for an IT company (yeah, I've observed regulars in my bus!). While on my way to work, I read a book and so does he. For me, readers are easily spottable. So till the time I realised that he takes the same return bus, I only knew him in the morning bus, and he seemed like a serious, no-nonsense person. But a few days back when I did notice him in my return bus, he had this superior-mysterious smile! The morning-serious looking person image was broken, very pleasantly, by that lovely smile! Oh, how I lurve people smiling :) 

That mysterious smile said so very many things! A whole knew another image of that guy came to me. Have you seen those smiles - the one which is to explode in a hearty-satisfying laugh, but looks lovely when you try to curb it? That one! In trying to curb that laugh/smile, the eyes start speaking out loud! You can almost feel the other person's heart racing when he looks at that message, that number on the phone. You can feel his happiness as his mind thinks about that what is making him smile. In the end, I cannot help but smile when I look at his smile :) 

Yeah, I just need petty reasons to smile. And he makes me smile for sure. I feel that number on his phone, that person is very lucky to have that man as he comes across as a genuine guy. I'm sure he's a good person by heart. And I'm thankful to him for providing that smile which makes me smile! 

May God bless him :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feeling Beauty

What does real beauty mean to you, they ask. Although I'm flooded with thoughts, I'm also left with none. Weird, I know.

Honestly, it simply means beauty to me. I think a crow is as beautiful as a white swan. I think that poor child on the road is as beautiful as that small brat in the house. It's not something to be judged just by looking. It's something that needs to be felt.

I might feel that crow is a pretty thing, but my friend might term it as ugly. I can feel the beauty of nature around me, in practically every moment of my life. But then a pessimist might not feel that. It's a game of feelings. If I don't feel beautiful right now, the truth is there will be nobody uglier than me. That doesn't go to say that I try and look beautiful by putting on some hideous make-up. For me, what will always be important is highlighting your beauty, not hiding it by dabbing make-up.

As I look into the mirror every morning before rushing to office, I finally decide that I'm looking my best for the day to start. It gives me a nice feeling. Of course I have bad hair days, but hey, at least I have tricks to manage those days ;) I'm thankful, thankful for I realised that there's a limit to everything. Even cribbing. And hence, I have no option of cribbing when something goes wrong in the way I look someday. Because if tomorrow I don't look beautiful, I'm sure people around me will still love me and be with me.

Of course I get angry when that pimple pops up out of nowhere on the day when I have something important, even when I'm out of my teens. But then I have no other option but to accept it. Beauty is all about feeling and acceptance now. And I completely, blindly believe in being young at heart. That brings beauty more easily to you. You can grow older and younger, together.


This post is for the Dove Real Beauty Contest. You should check out the Yahoo! Real Beauty page for more on beauty related things. You can blog about your idea of beauty as well and I'm sure people will be happy enough to read all those different views!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Prince - 6

After a work day, when I get into my pyjamas at night, I hope you switch on the song 'Wonderful Tonight' by Eric Clapton, brace me in your arms and dance - with those eyes reciting the lyrics - and with you in your work day clothes....

Listen - Wonderful Tonight 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fireflies In My Heart!

A long pending post of the awesome trip I had with my friends :) Caution : my vocabulary might be limited to using the words to describe that place as it was just amazing! Thanks to Srikanth and Swapna for allowing me to use the pics which pretty much define this post :)

We hit the road to Sakleshpur with a peppy mood and were glad that we kept it all through. Great music, great conversations and great friends! I was sure we did not forget to pack anything after that :) 

After a quick stop and a great meal at Kamath hotel, we pepped up more only to stop at a beautiful landscape to take in the beauty and couldn't get enough of it. I wondered what lay in store for me at Sakleshpur. I also realised that I'm very bad with keeping DSLRs still. I couldn't handle a Nikon without a blur. (Yeah I know, I'm finding chullu bhar paani :P) And thereafter began the picturesque landscapes. My camera conked off at the very first stop, reminding me that may be this is what you should keep in your mind's film. 

We reached Kadumane Tea Estate first, and since it was dark, we could hardly see the estate. But what lay in surprise was this beautiful bungalow which was totally an old charm place. I fell in love with the bungalow - the yellow lights, the old times it spoke of, the h-u-g-e rooms, the comfort. And friends. 

After a fresh chai and a few drinks we headed to the place we were supposed to stay in. And the adventure began there.

We were waiting for Mr. Madan as he was supposed to guide us to Jenukal (our home-stay). And he comes in this land rover! He's ripping those ghats at a speed of 80 while we drive cautiously only to look for him and to search for the tail-light of that rover! But when we reached, our place was breath-taking! Again an old charm place but so cozy and homely. Ah! I wanted to buy that house at the end of the trip! The traditional house with great natural surroundings. What more could one ask for as an escape from the city?

The house
Around the house
Around the house
The view from the house

Though the pic of the house is taken during day time, it gave you a warm feeling when you visited the house at night. Like your own house welcomes you when you visit it after days! But the surprise wasn't out yet! After dinner, the owner took us out and behold! We saw thousands of fireflies lighting up the surroundings like Christmas Lights on trees!! Needless to say, our jaws dropped on the sheer beauty of it! And the best part (according to me) was, that you couldn't click it's pictures or shoot videos. It was enough lit only for your eyes. And it made sense to me. What I saw there for 2 nights, will always be etched in the eyes of my mind :) 

And I couldn't help but express, "I want my man to propose me here! When these fireflies glow enthusiastically, amidst this sheer natural beauty!" Which led to us teasing the couple who hosted the trip! We thought they might want to go through the proposal-acceptance all over again - even after marriage :)
I chatted to glory with my friend (till 4am!!) and we had a visitor! A firefly who listened to our conversations but we trusted it with keeping our conversations to itself. It acted like an angel that night, for some reason. So I'd say, I spoke to my friend about everything under the firefly! (bad joke, I know!) 

We woke up at 7am for the planned trek. That was one of those times when I got closest to nature. Huffing and puffing our way to the peak Jenukal Betta, we spotted a h-u-g-e butterfly and a green wine snake! 

Spotted it?
After reaching the peak, we spotted a scared hare running away from us. I realised only on climbing the peak that a leech had taken resort on my leg! In my frustration of the blood not stopping because of it, I committed a crime - I killed it :( :(  I was sorry, but only later... 
I also named our guide 'Rover' since he was the quickest to climb with no gears and we had to follow him only after looking for him! (remember Mr.Madan and his rover?) Rover had no leeches hanging, nothing. And the funny part in the trek was when while climbing down, we ran like crazy people to avoid the patch where leeches were lurching! Haha! I can still laugh remembering that!

Rover, Our Guide
We climbed that peak :)

After a crazy-fun-tiring trek, what can be more relaxing than a hot-water bath and a sumptuous meal! It was as if God paid heed to our prayers. The food is an unforgettable part of the trip. After our nap, we got up to visit a 1000 year old Shiva temple, only to find that it was closed. But I could imagine how serene that temple would be, when left alone with the coolest God I know - surrounded by mountains, greenery, below those dark clouds! A spiritual experience closest to His creations :)

The temple
The mountains around the temple
The greenery around the temple

We headed to Kadumane Tea Estate after the visit to the temple, as we hadn't seen it during the day. And I was elated to be amongst the roots of my favourite beverage! I also spoke to the beautiful pretty flowers there :)

Talking (and posing) with the flowers :)

And then just sank into the place. Taking in the charm it was shedding! And we headed back to Jenukal, spoke about so many things! You know that feeling? When the people around you identify with what you're saying? THAT! And what better when they're friends :)

So the next morning I woke up with a heavy heart to leave the place. I went upstairs in the verandah, to get drenched in the surroundings and take as much as I could. The peace, the calm, the serenity, the beauty, the green, the life! I just wished I could buy that house! After I made peace with the fact that I cannot buy the house currently, we packed to leave the place. Not without thanking our awesome awesome cook and not without thanking my stars to give me this life that made me bring those fireflies with me in my heart - glowing in so many ways! A glow that reasoned and signified so much :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Prince - 5

When I listen to those groovy songs, and feel like dancing all around, I hope you encourage me. I wish you dance with me by becoming a college kid again to make it much more fun, young and lovely! You know what I mean honey? :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Prince - 4

When you realise my love for the rains and the atmosphere those black clouds create, I hope you understand the romantic in me. I hope you feel the cool wind, smell those raindrops falling on the ground and eventually enjoy getting drenched in the rains - with me. This all, even if you don't like rains :)

(Thanks to the sexy Bangalore weather, it always keeps the romantic side of me under check! :) )