Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feeling Beauty

What does real beauty mean to you, they ask. Although I'm flooded with thoughts, I'm also left with none. Weird, I know.

Honestly, it simply means beauty to me. I think a crow is as beautiful as a white swan. I think that poor child on the road is as beautiful as that small brat in the house. It's not something to be judged just by looking. It's something that needs to be felt.

I might feel that crow is a pretty thing, but my friend might term it as ugly. I can feel the beauty of nature around me, in practically every moment of my life. But then a pessimist might not feel that. It's a game of feelings. If I don't feel beautiful right now, the truth is there will be nobody uglier than me. That doesn't go to say that I try and look beautiful by putting on some hideous make-up. For me, what will always be important is highlighting your beauty, not hiding it by dabbing make-up.

As I look into the mirror every morning before rushing to office, I finally decide that I'm looking my best for the day to start. It gives me a nice feeling. Of course I have bad hair days, but hey, at least I have tricks to manage those days ;) I'm thankful, thankful for I realised that there's a limit to everything. Even cribbing. And hence, I have no option of cribbing when something goes wrong in the way I look someday. Because if tomorrow I don't look beautiful, I'm sure people around me will still love me and be with me.

Of course I get angry when that pimple pops up out of nowhere on the day when I have something important, even when I'm out of my teens. But then I have no other option but to accept it. Beauty is all about feeling and acceptance now. And I completely, blindly believe in being young at heart. That brings beauty more easily to you. You can grow older and younger, together.


This post is for the Dove Real Beauty Contest. You should check out the Yahoo! Real Beauty page for more on beauty related things. You can blog about your idea of beauty as well and I'm sure people will be happy enough to read all those different views!


Amar said...

Hey..Nice one..:)

Zephyr said...

You look beautiful and I am sure even on bad hair days, your gorgeous smile will make you look great. And yes, you got it right: no matter what those who love you will do so -- unconditionally. All the best for the contest!

Nirupama said...

Hi Amar!
Thanks for dropping by and thank you so much for the comment! Means a lot :)

Hey Zephyr!
I cannot thank you enough for the lovely compliment you've given me, it definitely made my day :)
Thanks for the wishes! Aren't you taking part?

Anupama said...

Hey Sweety,

Simple, sweet and from the heart as always...really like this one :)

Nirupama said...

Hey D!!
Thanks for those lovely words :) Glad you liked it :)

Videv said...


Nirupama said...

Hi Videv!
Thanks for dropping by! :) And thanks for the comment!