Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Cup!

Sometimes all I crave for is a conversation with like minded people over a cup of coffee or tea,
With friends where I can shed all my inhibitions and just be me!
Sometimes that cup of coffee or tea looks perfect on a warm rug,
Like it would work similar to a warm hug...
Sometimes I imagine laughing, talking and just being happy with a friend and a cup,
But sometimes my reality feels like a silly lonely pup!
Sometimes that cup of coffee or tea is more than just that,
It leaves me with amazing tastes in my mind, soul and heart...
Sometimes when I crave for a cup of coffee or tea,
I wonder if it's the beverage or am I craving to talk and be me?
Sometimes I wish the beautiful conversations and the fun time over that cup should never end,
Sometimes I wonder if that same cup is my friend! :)

Dhobi Ghat

A lot of people told me not to go for the movie as it turned out to be boring for them. I got mixed reviews. But then, I like movies - why limit the love to commercial ones? And art movies are not that bad. I like them. Plus Aamir Khan :)

First of all, people who do not like a particular movie after getting inside the theater - please either shut your mouth or leave. The theater was half empty and so your comments were much more audible to me than the ones in the movie! If I don't like Golmaal (new version) after getting inside the hall, I will not pass on comments when everybody is oh-so-liking it!

Anyways..... when I was realising my love for Bombay, this movie kinda made me sure of it. It's official - I'm in love with Bombay! There's so much happening in that city at once! So many people leading different lifestyle, but may be somewhere connected to each other in a tiny way. A city full of life - both happy and sad. A city that makes you addicted sooner than smoking and drinking! 

What touched me in the movie was this one scene where Arun, after watching Yasmin's videos, goes to the beach. A different kind of realisation dawns upon him. He has this happiness which reflects on his face....the way he admires the waves on the beach everyday! Ah! I was choked. I have no idea why.

The movie touched me in very many ways, kinda inexplicable... But yes for the love of Bombay, do watch it :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Tree Year

I'm participating in The Tree Year - Be more aware of the little things in life – see and enjoy the diversity and beauty of the life and colors on a tree – and share it with others.

As everybody might have realised, at some point in their everyday lives, that we miss out on small natural things. For the love of trees - here I am this is me, who has decided to observe this beautiful h-u-g-e Banyan Tree! The funny part is, it is so huge that people hardly observe it! One of the things you take for granted may be. You know, may be it is like a relationship. Where we take trees for granted. Like I've took other trees for granted, because I love them! But a few of those trees were cut because of no reason, and I realised how empty that place was - like your heart becomes hollow when you lose a loved one. It takes time for you to fill up that emptiness.

I've chosen *my tree*! :D Hope I can write about it often and am able to take pictures. I'm sorry if I'm unable to get into the scientific details of the tree. I'm just trying to participate in the best way I can :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Imaginations ran wild!

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

The beautiful song by John Lennon stands so true to my thoughts! No I wasn't listening to the song to inspire me to write this post. In fact, it's the other way round - my thoughts made me check out the lyrics of the song. And all I said to myself was "Ditto!"

I'm a dreamer, for sure. And the most important part is, I believe in them. Yes, kadam dagmagate hain kabhi, and I feel if they will ever come true. But what's more important is that I turn myself back to the 'believe in my dreams' part, and don't let the doubt stay for long :)

Since a long time, I've been thinking about the way this world works, we work. Whoever came up with the idea of money! Screw him! Yeah, money is the root cause of all evils! But imagine, a world without money. You can get into any damned shop, take stuff, walk off. Be happy! Nobody demands money anywhere. You're not obliged to pay. That shopkeeper won't have to think of earning bread. Because he is as well being fed and clothed as everyone else! No poverty! No sad people! Only happy ones - always laughing and smiling :) Shelter, food, clothing, movies, clubbing, drinking, even working is free! Work for your own good, to keep your mind working, and don't expect a return. Wouldn't this world have been a posh place always? Everybody would've been on the same level! Wow!

Yes, politicians would've been there but they would not be paid either. You wanna serve the country my man? Do it for free! Definitely a huge factor is people's character. But hey, if we would be living in my imagined world, people wouldn't have to steal or kill people. 

This brings me to think about nations. As one song goes, "Panchi nadiyan pawan ke jhokey, koi sarhad na inhe rokey, sarhadein insaanon ke liye hai - socho tumne aur maine kya paaya insaan hokey", which means - "No border can stop birds, rivers, wind! The borders are for we humans - think about what we have achieved by being humans". So true.... In my imagined world, there could or could not be borders. I would want to just get onto a plane and travel - for free. Meet so many kinds of lovely people across the globe! Make friends! Learn about their history, culture and share mine. Learn different languages as well! Give the best of friendship that I have. Only peace, no war. A calm globe :)

If only money wasn't there. I'm glad that I earn some and that I'm able to live by myself.... but then imaginations do run wild and result into this blog post :) Making me think of a literal "happily ever after and forever" :) 

Hyderabad Diaries! :)

The first month of the year 2011, and I've already travelled twice! It feels so good! I'm very excited for the way my year has begun travel-wise :) 

A short weekend trip to Hyderabad turned out to be fun. I've always visited Hyderabad since childhood, 99% of the time for weddings! Which meant being busy and not looking around the city. But in this trip, I knew I had to get out of the house - even if it meant getting out for the heck of it! And get out we did! We shopped in Panjagutta, met a friend and picked up another one from Taj Banjara, and ended up at Eat Street. I never knew that we could sit at the lake side there! It was so calm sitting next to the lake with friends and witnessing one of the most beautiful moon-rise! 

A two day trip did come to an end pretty soon....and I was feeling bad since I couldn't explore the old city at all! Charminar is lost in my memory, Falaknama palace and Choodi Bazaar have been missed.... But while going to the airport, we were thankfully taken through the old city!

Just wish I could spend time in the city and would've loved to know the rich history! But I know it shall happen soon! Very soon.... Another travel (so called tale) comes to an end :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bombay Diaries - 1

I love Bombay (yes, I like it as Bombay and not Mumbai). The very first time I was here, I fell in love with the city - love at first sight! But that was literally a flying visit for one day. So this time I was actually flying to the city, and I was friggin excited since the day I booked my tickets!

Though it was just a 3 day trip, I covered most of the things! Thanks to my friends there :) They were as excited as I was! And I had decided to look around the city during late night. I didn't know how I would do it, but it DID happen! Ah! The city is life personified. It's charming in it's own way. It didn't scare me away. It welcomed me, though I was another one in the thousands who come everyday, and took care of me individually :)  It made my stay pleasant, full of fun! It has it's own warmth, which didn't make me want to just laze around. There was not even one moment when I felt that I shouldn't have come. In fact, the more the hours flew by, the more I started missing those hours! Realising every hour of my trip is coming to an end. 

And when you have great friends in the city who know what fun is, that's all you need! Friends and freedom is a great combo! I wish it could be served more easily :) To look at it, we actually drove around all the time! But it was so much fun because of the company I had! Plus I didn't miss the high-points of the city as well :)  A few months back I had written this post about a *contagious laugh*. And that's what happened all the time! I laughed till my tummy hurt. I had forewarned my friends that I talk and laugh a lot. They didn't leave any stone unturned to make sure that these two things happen! :D

The fast pace of the city (as they say) was relaxing in a way. You know, you get into that groove once you're in that city. It takes you along with you - embracing you in it's arms by the shoulders like a friend. And you feel protected. That's what friends do too, right? :)

As every woman would, I shopped (but did not drop :D)! In fact I could've and wanted to shop more! And my must visit places were Cafe Mondegar and Cafe Leopold! How could I come back without stepping in there :)

I'm so so thankful to my friends for providing me with a shelter there! And I'm so so thankful to my gang who drove me around the city at night, when I had given my responsibility to them :) I cannot express how much I'm missing them and the city. I will go back this time for a longer period! I'm sure I'll want to and will visit the city time and again, and hence the title 'Bombay Diaries - 1' :) 

Here are a few pictures from the trip :)

Sea Link

Sunset @ Juhu Beach

Queen's Necklace

Jukebox @ Cafe Mondegar

Mario Miranda's wall in Cafe Mondegar