Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Cup!

Sometimes all I crave for is a conversation with like minded people over a cup of coffee or tea,
With friends where I can shed all my inhibitions and just be me!
Sometimes that cup of coffee or tea looks perfect on a warm rug,
Like it would work similar to a warm hug...
Sometimes I imagine laughing, talking and just being happy with a friend and a cup,
But sometimes my reality feels like a silly lonely pup!
Sometimes that cup of coffee or tea is more than just that,
It leaves me with amazing tastes in my mind, soul and heart...
Sometimes when I crave for a cup of coffee or tea,
I wonder if it's the beverage or am I craving to talk and be me?
Sometimes I wish the beautiful conversations and the fun time over that cup should never end,
Sometimes I wonder if that same cup is my friend! :)


Anupama said...

Cute and sweet little piece of poetry! Keep it up li'l one!

Nirupama said...

Thanks a ton D!! :) :)