Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Imaginations ran wild!

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

The beautiful song by John Lennon stands so true to my thoughts! No I wasn't listening to the song to inspire me to write this post. In fact, it's the other way round - my thoughts made me check out the lyrics of the song. And all I said to myself was "Ditto!"

I'm a dreamer, for sure. And the most important part is, I believe in them. Yes, kadam dagmagate hain kabhi, and I feel if they will ever come true. But what's more important is that I turn myself back to the 'believe in my dreams' part, and don't let the doubt stay for long :)

Since a long time, I've been thinking about the way this world works, we work. Whoever came up with the idea of money! Screw him! Yeah, money is the root cause of all evils! But imagine, a world without money. You can get into any damned shop, take stuff, walk off. Be happy! Nobody demands money anywhere. You're not obliged to pay. That shopkeeper won't have to think of earning bread. Because he is as well being fed and clothed as everyone else! No poverty! No sad people! Only happy ones - always laughing and smiling :) Shelter, food, clothing, movies, clubbing, drinking, even working is free! Work for your own good, to keep your mind working, and don't expect a return. Wouldn't this world have been a posh place always? Everybody would've been on the same level! Wow!

Yes, politicians would've been there but they would not be paid either. You wanna serve the country my man? Do it for free! Definitely a huge factor is people's character. But hey, if we would be living in my imagined world, people wouldn't have to steal or kill people. 

This brings me to think about nations. As one song goes, "Panchi nadiyan pawan ke jhokey, koi sarhad na inhe rokey, sarhadein insaanon ke liye hai - socho tumne aur maine kya paaya insaan hokey", which means - "No border can stop birds, rivers, wind! The borders are for we humans - think about what we have achieved by being humans". So true.... In my imagined world, there could or could not be borders. I would want to just get onto a plane and travel - for free. Meet so many kinds of lovely people across the globe! Make friends! Learn about their history, culture and share mine. Learn different languages as well! Give the best of friendship that I have. Only peace, no war. A calm globe :)

If only money wasn't there. I'm glad that I earn some and that I'm able to live by myself.... but then imaginations do run wild and result into this blog post :) Making me think of a literal "happily ever after and forever" :) 


swapna said...

Well... Don't want to sound pessimistic as reaction to this very positive post :). We can wish for this dreamland but humans also have something called greed and selfishness. I would wish for a world of people satisfied with what we each have - Satisfied world!!! I wish we were all birds - little stomach for little food, features to protect us and wings to fly away where we wish...

Nirupama said...

Hey Swapna,
Thanks for dropping by :)
Well I think we're greedy and selfish also majorly because of money... Amen for a satisfied world :)
But yeah...being birds would've been perfect :)