Sunday, December 26, 2010

Natural beauty - highlighted!

At the age of 23, I'm learning how to apply an eyeliner! Never have liked doing make-up. Guess I'm starting to learn basic things! And what harm does an eyeliner what I thought :)

I've always hated over make-up. Very few girls can do basic make-up very good. I think I had liked the fact that was stated in the TV series 'Full House'. In one of the episodes Becky tells DJ that it's very important to do make-up which looks natural and brings out your natural beauty. So true.... Overdone make-up brings so many thoughts in my mind (unless it's forced like in weddings/receptions :P) Hiding your identity, trying to be someone else, not wanting to be yourself, etc.

I don't know why I never felt the need of make-up. I was never attracted to make-up kits/cosmetics. I've looked at so many strangers and felt they would look better without the make-up they've put on. Just highlighting your eyes that might be expressive! Highlighting your lips that will highlight your beautiful smile - and you're good to go :) 

This was just a quick post because of my thoughts :) I hope everyone finds their beauty inside and outside of them, naturally. You're always good to go honey :) Always!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Sitting in Rangashankara last evening, I was thinking about Christmas.... It was such a pretty evening! I could feel that wintery chill which reminded me of how jolly the festival of Christmas is!

In fact, while going to the bus stop yesterday morning, I saw a thin layer of fog which made me happy.... I don't know why! The feel good factor also came from the fact that I was able to give clothes to the needy. I loved the simple mail that was dropped to us in office, informing us of the donation. "This is the season to give and bring a smile to someone's face", read the first line. It definitely had its impact on me :)

It's such a feel good festival. Those beautifully decorated Christmas or even normal trees, give you such a good feeling, isn't it? That whole idea of gifts, secret Santa, wishlist leaves you excited!

Christmas is about the joy of giving, the joy of spreading joy, the joy of making others happy.... It's that one type of fast which you should keep, if you haven't fasted all through the year!

I wish everyone gets to experience all kinds of joy this season! May the joy be with you all :) Merry Christmas!! :)