Saturday, May 29, 2010

Being young

Being young means different things for different people. Majority of us are career - oriented, no doubt. One of my close friends is my age. And his hard work taught me a lesson in a subtle way.
Confessing that he wasn't serious about a career at one point of time in life, he told me he loves being a CA intern now. His love, dedication, passion towards his work is commendable. I've never seen a CA 'enthusiast', quite frankly. All the CA interns I know are definitely serious about it, but are not enthusiastic. There is a difference. Work for him is fun. CA? Fun? He's the first amongst my friends who are CA interns, who has fun at work!
He worked overnight once, only to go back at the normal office timing i.e. within hours! I opined that he does not need to work so hard and its too much for his age! It didn't matter to him, as he knew what he was doing. He works for 24hrs straight quite a few times. His will, determination, motives are crystal clear. This all is besides his studies. Suddenly, a thought struck me. And I must say, he inspired me to write this post :)
When our previous generation used to nag about what being young means, I never paid attention. After seeing this guy work so hard, the picture that was a blur, became clear.
Being young to that generation meant hard work, determination, will. When he works all night, the picture of hard work comes into being. When he tells me about his work and how it will be good for both, his company and his client, the motive of selfless determination was clarified.
He does not wait to get praised from his boss. He does his work, not for the sake of it though. With his will to do it. Probably he believes that fruits will be borne, once the seed is sown.
Well, he's 22 yrs young! And 'I' had never met a person so young to go that extra mile. There are some people in one's life who teach you big lessons, in a small way. He is one of them for me. He cannot be called a workaholic, for sure. He is not a boring guy either. When it gets to fun, he's the first one in the line. He strikes the right balance.
I don't know if this post makes for a good one, but it is important for me. I'm proud of him for what he is. And thankful that he is a close friend in my life. :)