Monday, February 11, 2013

Our 6 Minute Wedding!

That's 'the' ring!

Marriage, a word that has always been on my mind since I came to know love. Like any other girl, I dreamt of my prince (nope, not on a white horse though). Someone who would sweep me off my feet. Little did I know that I would find my prince hidden in a long lost friend... Someone who has been with me since KG1!

As the decision to get married was finalised, everything had to be done in a span of two months, including quitting my job, the wedding shopping, and you know – everything! The days passed by in a jiffy. I was especially thankful for the fact that it was a Malayali wedding as I'd heard that it gets over within a few minutes. That actually cut down a lot of stress from the wedding ceremony. My countdown began for the not-meant-to-be-but-turned-out-to-be-destination-wedding! It indeed was a dream come true when the venue was decided to be Kerala! Could I ask for anything else?

As the days grew closer, I wondered how life after marriage would be. Will it be the same as the picture I have in my head? Our long distance relationship was finally turning into a marriage. I kept my dreams of our lives together, intact in my head, cushioned for safety with the memories of our letters...

When I reached the city of our wedding venue, I was frantically looking out of the train window for V (my better half). I couldn't spot him. Was he late? Was he even coming to pick me up? And there I saw him, walking towards my window, looking out for me in every window. He looked as handsome as ever. I have that memory fresh in my head and my heart still races to think about it... I wanted to run to him, hug him and tell him that it's finally happening, our wedding!

Because of the simple wedding, we actually had no pre-wedding ceremonies and work at all. So as we reached two days before the wedding, we had a day off. My father-in-law was pretty cool about V spending the day with us. Around lunch, we headed for a pre-wedding shoot, on the beach!

All through our relationship, I had been teasing V about how neither of us has proposed to each other. As we walked into the beach, I reminded him. And there he was, putting his hand inside his pocket to pull out the box of ring. I still remember his expression, his eyes full of love, as he was looking at me while pulling out that ring... His smile is something that has always been my favourite. There it was, the smile that I was looking for in that very moment, on that very beach. And there it was, the moment, the moment I had waited for all my life. The moment that I had imagined so many times in my head, over and over and over again. It was right there in front of me, with him kneeling down on his knee, holding out a ring in his hand on a beautiful beach. I couldn't be thankful enough for the events happening in my life.

It's been almost two months since we got married and thankfully, it seems as if nothing has changed much in life. At the same time, a lot has changed for the good. From waking up next to him, to having breakfast with him, to having normal conversations, to waiting for him to come back from office – everything is a moment in itself. A beautiful one at that.

My cousin elder brother told me, “I am proud of you that you took this commitment at this age. If I was at your spot, I couldn't have done it.” I must say, I too am proud of this commitment and the man I have married.