Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On My Way!

After dreaming about my prince for long, it was literally a dream come true when I first met him. Now that I look back upon that time, it all seems magical & so wonderful!

Friends say it's a very dreamy, cute story. I believe so too. How else would you think two long lost friends came together only to become partners for life? After years of not being in touch, we came together via the internet. No, it's not a strange internet love story. Both of us found out through chats that we love writing letters, yes handwritten ones. 

When I started writing to him, it was as if I had found a friend I was looking for. The conversations we had in letters, the anticipation of when the next letter will arrive, the beauty & charm of it! Sigh! Both of us were (and still are) more than happy to realise that we're old school. During those 6 months of writing to each other, we made it a point to not call or text, not chat as well. Emails were allowed. Those 6 months of letter writing was where we came to know each other. Our letters spoke so well about ourselves. There wasn't a missing link, ever. We poured our hearts out, and aren't we glad that we did!

Though we knew each other since long, letters made us break our prejudices about each other. He revealed himself so honestly in the letters. I loved the qualities that kept adding on to the person I knew.

It wasn't a surprise when we started discussing relationships and our ideas about love, marriage & partners. Like any other conversation, it drifted off to a lot of discussions. Probably typical when he said he wasn't looking forward to marriage or a relationship for that matter. I, on the other hand, have always been in love with love! Being the typical me, I tried to tell him where he was thinking wrong about the whole idea. I just wanted to change his perception about love & marriage.

And when it came to judging ourselves, while convincing him, I told him upfront that I wouldn't mind dating him at all. That was the fire that let the fireworks out! Before we knew it, we just wanted to meet each other. It was one of the wisest decisions we took I'd say. All I wanted to know was whether he was the same person as he is in his letters - honest, simple, charming. No marks for guessing that he did turn out to be exactly that....

It'll be a year since our first date happened last year and here we are, exactly a month away from getting married :) Everyday since that day I have found new reasons to love him, and now these 30 days seem to bring an inexplicable joy. The countdown has begun! Bound to start this chapter on a love-filled & fun-filled note!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Run Lola Run!!

Another blog post marks the end of the weekend! A weekend well-spent in the true sense I'd say then. This might be a self-dabba post but well, I don't care! :D It might be a regular, for all you know. 

I have finally started jogging/walking since last week. The goal of getting up early has been achieved after months! And I agree that one was the toughest step, to get out of bed. It is easier to do it now because of the driving force - being fitter and losing weight. I am glad to boast about it because I have taken breaks only thrice since Monday till today! Yay!

It's a good feeling to go for a run/walk early in the morning. It feels like that's the only me time I get out of the 24 hours. It's that time of the day when I feel fresh about starting every day on a new note, without having to analyse anything - be it my personal life or professional life. Thoughts just flow, and I let them be. Because they are positive ones. Any signs of worrying thoughts approaching, and I don't know how, but I am able to brush them away very easily at that time in the morning. And I love that. This regime brings an amount of certainty that I've been craving for since past few weeks. It brings mental peace that is necessary for me right now.

That said, I am also following a healthy diet. Doesn't mean that I've given up my love for food. Just cut down on unwanted things easily :) Lovin' every bit of this! I am certain about losing flab and more importantly, being fit.

One life to live, love and be fit I'd say! I love this ad by Nike below:


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - For The Elderly & The Beautiful


This weekend has been a relaxing one in some ways, I'd say. My longest wish of watching movies & sitcoms back to back has been fulfilled. And I'm left with thoughts, like anybody else.

On one hand, I saw the movie Man From Earth and on the other, I saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Two different phases of human life, blended so beautifully. I especially liked the latter. 

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is about this bunch of old people, who have their own reasons of visiting India and land up at the same hotel. Mostly because of the fake pictures being put on the internet and also may be because the tag line of the hotel says, "For the elderly and the beautiful". You know how there is always this one character in a movie which is charming and sane? Mrs. Evelyn Greenslade is one of those in the movie, she keeps the story going really well. 

The movie projects each story in a way that you would like, there are secrets that each one is hiding but you find out (or may be it's an overdose of watching 'Lie To Me'!). It made me realise how probably in the last few years of their lives, they found where they truly belonged - in themselves.

Probably you realise in the last few years of your life that there are so many things you've wanted to do, wanted to share, the desire of living, loving increases when you find a charming place that you are slowly adapting to.

Finally, it's all about following your heart in the end. A lesson, I'm grateful, I've learnt at this age :-)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

That Hollow Space

'Life is simple, we make it complicated.', goes the line. Somewhere I have realised this might not be true in every case. When you try to keep things simple, they tend to deviate.

When I thought things would be simpler, we'd make it simpler, they got offended! When I wanted things to be smooth & happy, they took offence. And after all the mess, I am left feeling stupid like an immature child. I am left feeling guilty for what I've done. It's amazing how they can bring you into pieces within seconds. 

When you think you'd give them importance, they don't think the same way. Neither for themselves, nor for their kids. Giving examples is what they can do. Telling me how wrong I am is what they can do. Letting me know that there is that hollow space inside of you since 7 years, is what they've done in the end. When you are happy about telling them the new developments in life, they call it shamelessness. You are judged left, right and centre. They are the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen. 

Things would've been different. So different. Why does life bring you at turns from where you just don't want to go anywhere? You feel shattered, broken, breached, mistaken. You want to crash on that very turn, waiting for the one to pick you up, wipe your tears and let you know that everything is going to be fine. 

I would like to thank those who have made me realise what missing a man, who is nowhere around you and can never be seen, means. You've made me realise it in such a harsh way that I am scarred for life. I thought they would stand up during the tough times, instead they've shown me the tough times. And made me realise that they can never be happy at the first go. Their happiness comes only after making you feel bad.

Thank you for these realisations. I will never be able to see you the same way ever again. I will also never be able to live up to your expectations.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Soul Kadhi

I like catching up with friends. It’s just that sometimes the laziness tends to get on to me. But when it comes to old friends and people that are special to me, I never refuse their offer.

I was pretty happy to meet this friend of mine over the weekend, although I did meet her about a month ago. It’s always good to see her. Our conversations tend to touch so many topics that at the end of the meeting when I get home, I am always happy to look back upon it.

We went to this place called ‘Under The Mango Tree’. When I suggested this place to her she was up for it in the first go. I really liked her reply, she said, “Let’s finalise this place. I like the name; we can discuss life under the mango tree.” And I smiled... So true!

The catching up turned out to be like a summer afternoon under the mango tree, where you have nothing else on your mind and go by the flow of the conversations. We discussed everything from work, to people, to life, to how it is taking a turn in various aspects. Sharing experiences to giving advices, having great food by the side – lovely conversations under the tree indeed.

This was one of the best ‘soul kadhi’ I came across, garnished with heart to heart conversations... Garnished with honesty and love...

(Also, the restaurant next to 'Under The Mango Tree' was called 'Soul Kadhi' and my sister mentioned it is a good name for a blog. Suits me!)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Father, Teacher And A Guardian Angel

It was my father's birthday on Teacher's Day and he proved in more ways than one that he really is my guardian angel. I remember I had my doubts about him being around me, almost a year ago. I would never get signs from him about his presence, which was very disappointing frankly. But I kept my faith in him, and ever since December last year, I've been getting signs more often :)

As I thought about celebrating his birthday by doing some charity and was unable to, I was a bit upset. Nevertheless, I decided to listen to his favourite songs that day in office and a rush of memories came back to me. Well yes, it doesn't take a minute for them to come...

Then there was a point where I got so involved in his memories that I was actually confused about his absence. I couldn't believe for a fraction of a second that he is not with us physically. And I started to wonder how would things be if he was here. Would we move to Bangalore? Would he be proud of the fact that I am a writer, following his footsteps?

I started imagining how he would react to important decisions like marriage. And I couldn't take that thought further, which made me feel guilty. How could I not know how my father would react to this? Is this all I've known about my father? I paused for a few seconds and thought really hard over it, only to be left with a smile on my face. How would he react? He would be as normal as he was during all his years! :) I'd love to know how he thought about getting his daughters married. It's easy for me to imagine him smiling at the whole idea, the whole ceremony. That smile which reaches his eyes so easily that you're lost in his sparkling eyes...

May be that's what gets us going, his smile, his attitude, his faith in life. In us. That is what makes his birthday all the more special - a father, a teacher who has taught us so many things in life subtly. And that's why, me and my sister are daddy's girls in every way :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A World Which Was Never Unreal

A song grabs sudden attention while working and I don't realise when it suddenly brings a strange respite during the work day.

It's a Saturday and I am still stuck to this song. It is a melody that speaks about a calm night, time together, where the togetherness wouldn't want you to speak at all....

And I am taken to a world I am looking forward to step into, a world I've kept so close to my heart that it has become a part of my soul. I have believed in love and romance ever since I left my tomboy phase. As if the world was never unreal, it takes minutes for me to slip into that world secretly and I am happy with what I see in my future.

A world full of calm songs playing in the background, while me and my better half do our usual chores. A world where we don't need to steal moments from someone, as we'd believe in the song "All you need is love!" A world where we take care of each other like it's the most obvious thing to do and not something that we have to oblige to. A world where we go on walks around the town everyday, without fail, a sort of ritual, even if it means going to the nearest coffee shop. A place where I snuggle into my prince's arms and he likes to take me in his arms, without thinking I am too mushy. A world where all my smiles, laughter, angst, tears don't go into a void but are welcomed by a person who accepts me at par. A world full of mugs of coffee and chai by the window or in the balcony where we have the most normal of conversations and  discussions. A world where I look forward to sleeping next to my prince and waking up to him, which ensures that my day ended well and begins on the most adorable of notes :)

A world where all my dreams come true. Of living in peace, harmony, happiness with each other. A world called 'love'.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Simple Yet Complicated


I feel bad when I am down. It's not about others getting affected because of my mood, it's about myself. It's a beautiful evening though, with rain gods finally blessing Bangalore with much needed rain. I love rains, but today, I have that lost feeling inside me as I am looking at the rain...

I wonder about a lot of things in life which I probably should not be doing at this young age. But I am not even sure if my thinking about those aspects is right or wrong. Who is to judge? 

Auras around me have always affected me. I love being around good vibes, good auras. It's disturbing when bad auras start popping up suddenly. Especially people who crib about something on and on and on. I am not denying the fact that I don't crib, I do. But not all the time! I get over it, at least try to. I hate to enter a place with a person who passes on such bad vibes. My whole day is ruined in a snap of a minute! Unfortunately, I've not been able to find a solution to this. I hope I can!

On the other hand, I do not have an idea of what has been bothering me so much or why I am unable to get over it, if I know the reason. Sometimes I get stuck to the fact that this world runs on money and how beautiful plus simple life would've been without money. I can cry when I see people travelling to places, thinking how less of it I am able to do. I can cry about the fact that I have to struggle/fight/justify myself for something that is probably my right. I've started having doubts about the sentence, "Life is simple. We make it complicated." All I ask for is life to be simple - in every aspect. Frankly, it's frustrating how I try and keep everything simple in my life but problems start popping up, probably because of this very fact! If only world was a simpler place. If only I could do what my heart wants without thinking friggin once about money! Money, indeed, is the root cause of all evils.

If only we could strike a balance in every aspect of our life, if only we wouldn't have to worry about money, if only I could do anything that comes to my head... The worst part is that these thoughts get clogged in my head for sometime which makes it impossible for me to rise with positive thoughts.

How I wish I could fix everything for me in a jiffy, or someone else could. Coincidentally, the song 'Fix You' plays in my headphones at this time... It brings me a strange respite, though I still don't have an answer to my thoughts...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Prince - 15

 When I am busy and happy eating my heart out, I hope you will adore me for the way I am, without judging me. I hope to see a happiness in your eyes, a smile on your face when you wipe those cake crumbs off my face.


Music That Weaves Dreams...

It's been a while since I've heard music that is calming. I was getting bored of my playlist and have never been good at finding new music by myself. I always get new music from my sister and friends.

One of my colleagues has this amazing collection of music and I've been wanting to ask him since ages about sharing it with me. Finally I asked him and he was kind enough to share his collection. 

And there it was. The kind of music I would love playing in my house. Instrumental, fusion, off-beat, engaging yet calming. The kind of music I've been wanting to find by myself. The kind that weaves dreams into me by itself. I remember listening to such music very rarely and being attracted to it everytime, like it was my go-to music.

Here I am, listening to that music after so long that it takes me to my dream space. A house with yellow lights, curtains flowing because of the blowing winds, this same genre of music playing, smiles and laughs all around with my future partner. A beautiful dream, I believe will convert into a reality.

It makes me thank God for the existence of music and for the fact that I have an ear for it. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Prince - 14

Sometimes when I listen to certain songs, my heart churns in a good way, making me want to run to you and hug you. What I am looking forward to is that warm hug, waiting for me at home. Exactly that.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

A White Feather Is My Answer Today

I've had this discussion with a colleague of mine, a lot of times. We share our lives in a way that both of us are found saying, "Exactly!!" to each other more than 'n' number of times.

The discussion was about, how you feel like crying for no reason, absolutely out of the blues. And the worst part is, you don't feel better even after crying, I don't know about her! I am left wondering *what* exactly made me want to cry? When someone asks me what happened, I don't have an answer for that. I really don't.

I go back to thinking about such times, those reasons that I never found. Is it work? Is it something personal? Is there something bothering me? When someone tries to help me answer these questions, I am left in a helpless spot. And being helpless is something I've always hated, even if it's induced by me. Especially if it's been induced by me. 

May be it's my heart telling me that you've clogged up more than you can and hence I am bursting out. I look for things that can cheer me up - calling a friend, music, television, books, some movie - everything fails. And then suddenly while watching something today I felt better. I don't even know what it was :-| Then the after effects of feeling guilty starts. Yep, a guilt trip that makes me realise I've wasted an entire day crying, trying to find out what was wrong. And now I have a few hours before this Sunday ends.

But the best answer came to me a few minutes back. I've always believed in Angels. My faith in them grows stronger every time something happens, whether it's small or big, doesn't matter. While I started to write this blog post, this white feather came flying out of the blues! A small yet beautiful one. And I had read somewhere that a white feather is a sign of an Angel being around. There, I had that smile back on my face that I was longing for. A genuine smile that made me realise that my father is around me, in support of me. Probably patting my head when I was crying, may be he was hugging me tight when I was looking for answers to the way I was feeling today. Probably he is letting me know that it's okay to have such days once in a while.

And here I am, relieved to know that my Guardian Angel is just here. Right here. He made my day, like always.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Play Of Words


Never underestimate the power of words, they say. There is also an aspect of timing I'd like to add. 

Things at the right time work wonders, while things said without thinking twice can create a ruckus. It has made me realise how we do underestimate the power of words. Sometimes, we hold back our words for whatever reasons - valid or invalid. And sometimes when we should hold back our words, it just doesn't happen. 

Why is that we fear consequences, why is it that we fear a person, why is it that we take some things, some people for granted and refrain from saying anything? Yes it is not that easy, but then what is the fun in regretting stuff? Learning the hard way is the worst experience ever, and everyone knows this.

So go ahead, tell that friend you value him/her and that those few hurtful words ever spoken better be forgotten. How many times have you told your parents, your siblings that you love them? How about mentioning it to them today? I can see the smile on those faces reaching their eyes - that's the best smile you can ever see.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Red Bottle With A Yacht On It


It's amazing how you start relating certain things with people. It can be as simple as an aroma of a specific perfume. 

Though not a fan of luxuries, my dad was a man of class in his own way. He was an 'Old Spice' man. Oh how I love that aroma. For a daughter, her first love is her dad. At least mine was :) I would observe him particularly while he would shave. I would wander around him while he did so and that's probably when I would've asked him what that 'red bottle with a yacht on it' exactly is (The red bottle in a red box is just etched in memory!). And that is when I was introduced to the fragrance of the after shave lotion from Old Spice. He would dab some of it on my handkerchief so that I could smell it all day long.... I remember his handkerchief used to smell of the same... I do not seem to remember whether he would dab the cologne or the after shave lotion on my kerchief though.

I grew up to like men's perfumes very recently actually. My search for Old Spice cologne has been disappointing every time. So finally I went ahead and picked up the deodorant yesterday. It brings back such good memories of childhood. Like I can see my father standing in front of the mirror, with that red bottle kept on the basin... I've missed that perfume. I've missed him every day...

I am finally an Old Spice woman, and proud to say that too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My romance with rains...

I love the sound of thunder, the pitter - patter of raindrops, getting wet in the cold water that Bangalore rains bring, the spray of rains if I am not getting wet, the goosebumps from the wind that blows, the dance of raindrops on the floor, the smile that it never fails to bring to me - I love everything about rains. Everything!

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Prince - 13

When I fall sick and am tired of suffering from cold, cough, fever, body pains and the likes - I hope you are there all the time to take care of me. Bringing me a bunch of my favourite flowers. Leaving me small post-its to let me know you care. Making me hot soup, hot chocolate, tea or coffee may be. Sipping these hot beverages and watching a warm movie....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Symbol Of Hope - Etched!

Since college, I have wanted to do a few things in life. Getting a tattoo, tasting alcohol were on top of the list. Most importantly, it was the tattoo.

No peer pressure was involved for the thought to seep into my head. For that matter, coming from a small town, people wouldn't even think of getting a tattoo. But it was always at the back of my head, may be in my sub conscious if I can say that. And after college I moved to Bangalore, yes where I found myself in more ways than one. I started earning, being conscious on spending each penny.

Very few of my friends here had a tattoo. But they did. I was pondering since months on the design. If I am getting something etched in me, it has to be meaningful and something I love. And finally one day my ex-colleague got a huge tattoo done on her back. A huge Shiva. And that's when I got serious on the design. I wanted symbols of hope and faith, which didn't exist except in Chinese! No way was I going to get something done in a language that I cannot even understand, forget reading. A friend suggested a phoenix because it stands for hope. I did my own bit of research and fell in love with the phoenix. It was going to be a phoenix.

I got in touch with my artist friend and told him the whole story. He sent me the designs and after a few mails of editing, re-editing the design, I finalised one with the help of my friends. It had to be that design on my ankle. Oh yes! Choosing the place for the tattoo was another task. I didn't want it on my arm or shoulder - those were done to death places. And again it had to be a place where it would be visible to *me*. A definite confession would be that I also chose the place because of the tight skin, so that the process is less painful and when I grow old, the skin stays the same way :-D (my own logic)

As I put down my papers to join another company, I decided it had to be this time to get the tattoo done. A new chapter was to begin, had to commence with a bang! I found nobody who could accompany me that day to the tattoo studio, and I had got the appointment after much request. So I decided to head alone, only to find that a friend who stayed near the studio was excited to see the whole process. Sometimes I wonder how I got the strength to go ahead and take such a huge step.... Am so glad I did find the strength that day.

After a 20 minute session I was stamped with the phoenix just above my ankle. Just the way I wanted it. It had come out in such a perfect manner, it was a beauty.

I walked out so proud of myself that day. A dream, though small, fulfilled. I couldn't have been more happier. Waking up to this every day was like a magic potion. It just makes my day, even after 5 months. Sometimes I cannot believe I got it done. Every day I fall in love with it over and over again. Something that I'll take to my grave. Something I will never regret, though elders in the family still might not like it. After all, I got it done for *me* and not for the world to see.

I know it's a small incident, may be a negligible one for others, but not for me. It reminds me every day that it is all about taking that one step for anything. It reminds me that I am headstrong, I am strong, I am me, I am hope. It's one of the best things I could've ever done.

And this one was a latest find which I totally agreed to:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Prince - 12

I would love to catch you singing in the kitchen, while trying to cook breakfast for me sometimes; or in general.... A sign of a music-loving couple, a sign of the melodious life we'll lead :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Prince - 11

When I tie my hair in a bun, and am involved in doing something, I would love you to open my hair when I'm unaware of it, just for fun. Small things like these will ensure a smile to both of us, wouldn't they? :-)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

An Insatiable Thirst

I came across a blog today morning. About this guy travelling the world, 61 countries if I remember it right. Till he was broke and that's probably the reason he had to get back.

I didn't have a chance to go through it at all, except the latest post. And he mentions about how he has to stop travelling for a while. It made my heart break for some reason. Just the thought of not being able to travel, after someone has covered 61 countries. I don't know how he feels about it. I'm sure he is sad somewhere. But I would've felt handicapped if I had to stop doing it after such a long time.

It made my heart break, in a nice way probably. Made me think, made me realise how much there is to travel. And I haven't even started yet. Made me wonder why there are certain things in the world that make you think twice from doing something, especially travel. There's so much, just so much to see in the world, explore. 

It made me want to weep. Weep with the thought of how much I'm missing out on, by not travelling. How much I'm going to find, treasure once I do start travelling like crazy. How much there is of learning outside my comfort zone. How much I will connect to myself while travelling. Yes, I am counting my blessings and I do feel fortunate to have travelled how much I already have. But there is this urge, this insatiable thirst of going somewhere again. Not that I'm an out and out traveller, but I desire to be one sooner.

Which also arouses a hope in my heart that the person I spend my life with needs to have an interest in travelling. At least some amount of interest. I would love to see the world through another set of eyes, combined with mine. A different perspective every time we travel, even if it's the same, it'll be worth cherishing.

There have been only 2 weeks that we've entered the New Year. All I wish for is to travel like crazy this year - wish for me and for everyone around :-)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Travelling Realisations

As a child I had visited Chennai for may be two weddings. And as I grew up, I heard terrifying stories of how bad Chennai weather is. In my head it was synonymous with bad weather, may I say.

So when my sister said we'll cover Chennai - Pondicherry on a certain weekend, I was skeptical initially. But then I gave in thinking, "Let's not be prejudiced." Plus the thought of visiting Pondicherry after Chennai was alluring. To add to this, I felt really nice to sit in a train after long. I like the train lulling me to sleep.... it has that perfect rhythm :-)

So as I got down to the Chennai station, I was amazed by the size of it! Huge with the train lines coming to an end there. To make it more adventurous, we hadn't booked a hotel! So our plan was to go to Eggmore and find a hotel. And in a tucked away corner we found this decent hotel, in a much cheaper price. Only to find out later that it was at a walkable distance from Spencer Plaza :-D So off we went for some shopping in the Plaza and found an Antique stuff selling shop. I was amazed to see fountain pens from 100 years ago, pocket watches, cuckoo clock and what not! Something to mention would definitely be the Chettinad veg curry that we had in the Plaza. Gosh! It was so delectable! I can actually taste it while I write this! We headed to Marina Beach after that. I was tired to walk till the sea was actually in view! It was a really long walk! And for some reason the crowd on the beach didn't let me like the place so much....

Anyways, we headed to Sarvana Bhavan after the beach. I couldn't give it a miss or else I'd have to hang my head in shame! The place stands true to it's name for South Indian dishes. After having a yummy meal, how could we not order 'Filter Coffee'? :-) Oh yes! The waiters of Sarvana Bhavan are worth a mention. I'll say they make use of technology, the right way. They look like spies dressed up in black and white, have BlackBerrys to take an order. When I saw them, I hid my phone which was kept on the table ;-)

I was more excited for the Pondicherry visit the same night. I love that town, a small and simple one, tourists all around.With the stay being decided upon at a friend's place, it couldn't have been better. I went into 'disconnect' mode when in Pondicherry. A state I like to be in when on a vacation or even small trips. It gives me time - with me when alone, and with the people I'm travelling with, when in a group.

I was missing being near a water body since so long. Especially beaches. So Pondicherry was my hope. We rushed to the beach the next morning. As soon as I saw the sea, I felt at peace. It welcomed me, though it was a bit rough that day. I don't know what it is about water bodies that attracts me. I'm not scared, though I don't know how to swim. Anyways, so I couldn't resist feeling the sand, the water, waves lapping on my feet. I don't like to jump in to the sea per se. I just love that feeling of water and sand.

As I stood there looking at the limitless sea, waves playing around me, I realised later how much I was in the moment. That feeling of waves surrounding my feet and leaving made me realise the importance of being in the moment. And I was glad I try to do so every day - live in the moment. As the waves made me feel being in water, they also made me feel that they're taking away bits of me everytime they leave me. No, I wasn't upset about it. I was happy that somebody is taking away bits of me, and will take them to another place may be. I felt at peace being surrounded by those waves.

It struck me how important it is to disconnect with the world which is different from the actual one - the one dominated by nature, the one I find myself at peace. As I end this blog post while welcoming 2012, I really wish to travel like crazy this year, to see more to life, more to nature, to be more at peace :-)

Happy New Year people! Have an awesome one! :-)