Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Red Bottle With A Yacht On It


It's amazing how you start relating certain things with people. It can be as simple as an aroma of a specific perfume. 

Though not a fan of luxuries, my dad was a man of class in his own way. He was an 'Old Spice' man. Oh how I love that aroma. For a daughter, her first love is her dad. At least mine was :) I would observe him particularly while he would shave. I would wander around him while he did so and that's probably when I would've asked him what that 'red bottle with a yacht on it' exactly is (The red bottle in a red box is just etched in memory!). And that is when I was introduced to the fragrance of the after shave lotion from Old Spice. He would dab some of it on my handkerchief so that I could smell it all day long.... I remember his handkerchief used to smell of the same... I do not seem to remember whether he would dab the cologne or the after shave lotion on my kerchief though.

I grew up to like men's perfumes very recently actually. My search for Old Spice cologne has been disappointing every time. So finally I went ahead and picked up the deodorant yesterday. It brings back such good memories of childhood. Like I can see my father standing in front of the mirror, with that red bottle kept on the basin... I've missed that perfume. I've missed him every day...

I am finally an Old Spice woman, and proud to say that too.

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