Thursday, May 31, 2012

Play Of Words


Never underestimate the power of words, they say. There is also an aspect of timing I'd like to add. 

Things at the right time work wonders, while things said without thinking twice can create a ruckus. It has made me realise how we do underestimate the power of words. Sometimes, we hold back our words for whatever reasons - valid or invalid. And sometimes when we should hold back our words, it just doesn't happen. 

Why is that we fear consequences, why is it that we fear a person, why is it that we take some things, some people for granted and refrain from saying anything? Yes it is not that easy, but then what is the fun in regretting stuff? Learning the hard way is the worst experience ever, and everyone knows this.

So go ahead, tell that friend you value him/her and that those few hurtful words ever spoken better be forgotten. How many times have you told your parents, your siblings that you love them? How about mentioning it to them today? I can see the smile on those faces reaching their eyes - that's the best smile you can ever see.


Anupama said...

Cannot agree more with the fact that some words need to be said at the right time...if only everyone knew it!

Nirupama said...

I know where you come from. Timing is everything!