Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Women Need To Understand

While talking to a couple of guy friends recently, we started discussing relationships-women-their behaviour. And it struck me that women can be unreasonable, especially while in a relationship. I'm not getting into the marriage topic here!

You're in a relationship for not even a year or two, how the hell can you expect a guy to understand you or know how you will react to certain situations? C'mmon women, accept it. We are made of all sorts of emotions. Even we don't know how somethings can tick us off or how-when the same things will be fine with us. If you're irritated and you're guy is sweet enough to ask you what is wrong, you just cannot say, "You're supposed to know"! Wha! Even your mom won't know. I think it's easier if a woman accepts the fact that we are complicated. How much ever simple you are, there will be certain situations when you'll be 'complications personified'! And let's also accept the fact that men do not understand our complications, they only do after a certain period of time. A man deserves that much time and space. 

Or let's make it easier for both the man and the woman. Accept that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. There. Clear. People from two different planets *will* take time to get used to each other, especially when in a relationship. I'd say it's easier for women to understand men, but it's definitely not the other way round. A guy needs time, how much? We don't know. In a marriage it's different. The initial years are again an everyday surprise about the person as such (I find that to be good for some reason). And later on, when you've completed quite a few years together, you do get used to each other and probably find out how the person will react to what.

As women crib about men talking about space, men do about how complicated we can make things. And I do agree on that. These are just facts, which turn into cribs for us. Women need to breathe while men try and figure out what a woman is all about ;) Well, there's no certain answer to that boys. But women should be proud of what they're made of - emotions and rationality. Statutory warning: Now *that* ratio might vary. Okay, it does vary.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

On a new voyage!

There is no doubt in my heart that a positive outlook to any and everything - big or small - works wonders. I am reassured every time. I try to keep an optimistic attitude, I feel I achieve it, I don't know if others feel so about me.

So as I was ready to join my new company, I realised that I wasn't nervous at all, like *at all*. I was excited to start afresh, thinking about the change and the new-ness in life. As I entered the new office early morning, there were only three people in. As I looked around the office, it was not very formal, which I liked. There are no cubicles, just desks - like study desks. And I started liking the place instantly. While I was dressed in semi-formals, there just was no dress code as such! 

All through the day, there was music playing. And *all* of them were my favourite tracks! And my favourite part is that there are laughs all around during the day. Gosh! It's like a sign,  a sign that I am at the right place. I like the chilled out ambience, and for a person like me what matters at work (apart from the money) is people and the environment. My colleagues welcomed me with such warmth, that I did not feel it's my first day. It was so usual that I couldn't believe it's my first day as well! I got a name on the first day itself by a colleague since he thought I am a Bengali! 

There's something different about creative spaces. The chilled out atmosphere here is amazing. I am basically liking everything about the new job. And don't be surprised if you find me smiling all through here :) The optimism that I had in my heart while starting this new journey has brought me happiness :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Prince - 10

When at night I'm reading a book, which brings a smile to my face (The Art of Travel for sure!), I hope you notice that smile, the happiness in my eyes, and kiss me on my shoulder to acknowledge that you've noticed my reactions while reading a book more often.... 

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Prince - 9

I don't know if my eyes fall under the category of 'expressive eyes', but I do hope that you will understand the language that my kajal-laden eyes sometimes speak... And even if you don't, you'll learn over time, won't you? :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Country Roads to Coonoor

Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains
Shenandoah River -
Life is old there
Older than the trees
Younger than the mountains
Growin' like a breeze

Country Roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

Well, this is the song ringing in my head, as I've been missing my small vacation in Coonoor. The break I was craving for, just time to do what I want. Do nothing. Though I planned my itinerary, I told my cousin that I might chuck all the plans of going sight-seeing and just relax at the hotel. He can go wherever he wants to! To begin with, I knew this trip was destined (yes it was!). And hence I was destined to just sit back and relax as well, while having meaningful conversations. 

As I landed in Ooty, it was evening and dark already. On my way to Coonoor, I could not see anything of what Coonoor looks like, I had to wait till the next morning to have a look at the place. But the night was so peaceful that I was reminded of my best friend's words, when he had visited Coonoor -  "This is life. I can hear myself breathing." I couldn't agree more on those words. There was a light rain and I could hear the pitter-patter of that light rain, and it just lulled me to sleep. Which is what I enjoy, literally. When I woke up the next morning I realised I hadn't slept like that in ages. Deep, peaceful sleep. I couldn't resist going to the balcony and voila! The view was beautiful! Greenery around with a drizzle! Ah! Simple things like breathing in fresh air gave me joy there. And I was all set to go sight-seeing in Coonoor.

After the sight-seeing I was scheduled to meet my friend's uncle. And what a gala time I had there! He was sweet enough to offer me to stay with the family, and I couldn't say no. The company, the house, the view - it was a lucrative offer. And by the time we finished our conversations, it was way past midnight. So the next task was only to check-out from the hotel. It was life as I always wanted. Getting into conversations right from the time we wake-up which continue on lunch tables, away from it while gazing into the hills... The best picture that my mind could capture was the changing view. The clouds kept passing by, making it zero visibility beyond the fence, and the next moment it would be clear with the Nilgiris in sight. And I just kept gasping!

My friend's uncle was no less than a story teller. The conversations involved of his experiences, and went on till early morning everyday. These are one of those moments when you realise that conversations are knowledgeable indeed. Where you get to hear so much, ask questions, keep things in your mind, laugh over it.... Day in and day out, we just talked. One day was dedicated to watching documentaries, followed by discussions and more discussions! That was just awesome!

The house! Gosh! A beauty in itself! It was a dream house, to say the least. To wake up in that home everyday was no less than bliss. It's that perfect home where you would wake up and just head out to take in the morning air and most of all, to feel the untouched surroundings.

The garden of the house
Hope you're able to spot the Nilgiris behind the trees :) Wouldn't you want a cup of tea, a book and a few drinks in the evening here? Serene! 

The garden
The garden
The garden
And it left me craving. Craving for more of the life I led there for 3 days. For simple and obvious reasons. It also made me realise how we have fiddled so much with nature. Every place I visited in Coonoor looked untouched. The monsoons just added to my love for the place.

The leisure trip assures that I go back to Coonoor soon - for the lovely family I stayed with, for the place, for the conversations, for the life! I'm grateful to my friend's family for providing me with luxury during my stay :) 

Life is old there, Older than the trees...
Younger than the mountains, Growin' like a breeze...
Yes, country roads took me home... To the place I belonged...

Cloud Play at Dolphin's Nose
Tea Gardens!
A Chai Tapri! (tea shop)
Tea Gardens
Road to somewhere (Way to Lambs Rock)
The Nilgiris as seen from Lambs Rock
The Nilgiris as seen from Lambs Rock
A Blanket of Clouds (Lambs Rock)
A Part of Coonoor Town as seen from Lambs Rock

Friday, August 5, 2011

Action Louder Than Words

You defy the facts
That you had kept intact,
It's funny how things change 
And do not stay in one range,
Those rushes were probably just that
But the connection remains from heart,
You're in denial of your current phase
But the truth is it does not fail to chase,
You think you can lie and escape
As you don't want to put me in a sad state,
Your eyes speak louder than words
In them I could see a pinch of hurt,
I'm more than glad that there is no strife
I am happy as you're here to stay for life!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Prince - 8

I would love to run my fingers through your hair, when you rest on my lap.... Us being engrossed in hearty and happy conversations.... Discussing everything that interests us, late into the night, with a cup of coffee/tea giving us company! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Owe It To Him!

‎"I asked for strength and God gave me difficulties to make me strong."

I think I shall remember this quote for the rest of my life. It makes, at least me, realise that it stands true to its each word. Just that it hits you hard when it does ;)

I've always thought on the same lines though. Whenever I've been low, I've been in the moment surely - sad. That stands true for any moment. Happy or sad. And I'm an extremist in terms of temper and sadness. I'm hardly angry or sad. But when I am, its extreme! Lately, I've started analyzing why something pulls me down. It kinda helps me with reasoning it. But not everything  has a reason always. And that irritates me sometimes. And like any other human being (I think), I question Him. I scold Him, take out my anger at Him, look for answers from Him. I remind Him of how I've fallen and got up, time and again. He probably just patiently listens. And it strikes me, that there is someone who's listening. But is not giving answers or is not trying to pacify me, assure me of good times ahead.

Which is why I turn to my best buds at such a time. Looking for answers. But somehow it always happens that I'm left craving for that talk. All I ever need at that point of time is a bear hug, coupled with venting-out talks. I am a person who bottles up things inside. And I'm scared of the day these doors will open and things won't stop. 

I've been exxxxxtremely low only twice in my life. Before the third one recently. And the worst part was that I couldn't put my finger on why it was hurting so much, this time. I spoke to a couple of friends, but it just did not help. I came back to square one. And then I came across this quote that I've mentioned at the beginning of the post. And everything just mellowed down. Everything fell into place. Everything made sense. 

And my faith grew stronger in, "Whatever happens, happens for a reason and for good." I'm not sorry for living in the moment. At least, it reassures the fact that I'm made of emotions. It's for people around me to realise that I do live in the moment. Whether happy or sad. 

Being strong, for me, does not mean that I cannot get low ever. In fact, according to me I have the liberty of doing that since I've always been strong. It makes me more genuine and less fake. It's just that, once in a while, I get tired of the tests He puts. But then, I hope I fare well in it. I am just happy that he wants me to be strong and not a person who can practically crib, cry and whine ALL the time! 

Thank You God for making me what I am today. I owe it to you, big time! ;) :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Angelic Stranger...

I take the Airport bus everyday, to and fro. Over two years of time, I have developed a strange friendship with the conductors and the drivers. A friendship where none of us know each other's name, and greet each other with only smiles, acknowledging that we know each other.

So last night I was waiting for my bus around 9, all alone under a tree. The bus was late and it added to my frustration of being an object to look at, for the passers by (also one of those times when I have thoughts of buying a bike by the way). The bus came and was filled till the driver's cabin. As soon as I got into the bus, the driver gestured me to come closer to the cabin and said something which I got to hear in pieces, as I was rushing to get space! Now this driver has never ever acknowledged my presence or never has smiled at me. I assumed he asked me to stand after a certain point (as the bus stop) as another driver had asked me to do so.

At the end of the ride as I stood to get down at my stop, the driver called me and asked me what I did I get from what he said at the beginning of the ride. I told him my assumption and he nodded his head in disbelief! He said, "I asked you to come closer to the cabin as there were men standing near the door. And I don't want you to wait for the bus at any other spot than the one where you were standing. It is a very safe spot with lights around and the police commissioner's office right there. Stand there everyday. Nowhere else."

And I was touched by his concern. A concern that a complete stranger showed with a fatherly authority. The look of concern on his face, in his tone, in his talk touched my heart. How could it not? And my faith in humanity grew stronger. My faith in people like these, who make the world a better place to live in. It is complete strangers like these, who assure me that there are angels that I meet everyday :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holding On To Memories!

I watched the play The Blue Mug today for the second time. And I'm so glad that I did. Though it's a simple play, it definitely put my thinking cells to work.

Especially a part where this middle aged man (played by Ranvir Shorey) loses his memory. He does not remember anything after the age of 21 years. So his vivid memories only include his younger days. He does not recognise himself in the present day when he looks at himself. He does not recognise his own brother and needless to say, it scares him. And it scared me, rather made me think.

In all of my 23 years of this life, I've probably had the best and worst of days to remember in each year, every month, every day. I have no idea what kind of a person I would be today if not for those days, those experiences. I'm not saying that I'm a great person or anything like that. In my eyes, I like who I am and am thankful for those days that have made me so today. As it is, I'm pretty bad in terms of memory [check with my sister on this one ;) ], but there are some that are etched.

The play made me think of how my life would be if one day I lost all of this that I hold on to, memories! I'm holding on to memories of my father. I cannot imagine how I would fare if not for those memories. I've had and am having the time of my life with my sister, friends, those parties, those days where I've loafed around, working at a fun place, meeting new people and letting some people go as well. Those memories with a certain group of friends. Yeah those which start a riot of laugh just by mentioning one word! Memories of my mistakes, memories which bring a frown and a smile on my face! Memories of today!

Sometimes, all we probably need are memories. If I think of it, I can see myself recalling some great happy, fun memories when I grow old. So that it brings back to me what I've held on to all my life. Memories, whether happy or sad.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Prince - 7

Too much about me, let's talk about you! I just want to let you know, that I will be happy when you want to spend time with your friends over beer, that game or anything you like! That I am one of those who believes in complete freedom and will have faith in you. I just hope you will let me have my girlfriend-time. Also, I would love it, if you'd want to have drinks with me over romantic dinner, anytime we like :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Music Taking Flight

I love music. In most of it forms. And I might have mentioned before, that I'm very much thankful to my parents for giving us an ear for music. To the extent that it's a part of living.

Ever since I made my base in Bangalore, one reason I love this city (apart from the romantic weather, yes) is its love for music. This city thrives on music. And I'm amazed as well as thankful for how me and my sister have taken to this city and its own life, so quickly. So it was more than a bliss when I discovered that there are gigs happening here practically all the time (bless thy soul)! Both of us would find out about the various gigs during the week, mostly over the weekend starting Friday nights.

Then there are music festivals! I attended Fireflies, an overnight fest. And we discovered this amazing band 'Parvaaz' there. To our delight, it's a local band! So once we discovered them we started stalking them, literally. We followed them on their Facebook page and got updated about their upcoming performances. We would meet them after every performance just to tell them how great they were. And we didn't realise that we eventually became friends with the band members and the manager, and grew closer to the band!

The members are just great, needless to say hugely talented, gentlemanly, and fun! Last Friday, I had to attend their gig and was talking to my lead about them. It dawned upon me how me and my sister's journey about and with this band had been. Somewhere, one of the things I wanted in life was to know a band, it happened and how! They produce great music and never fail to amuse the audience. We're always going to be a fan of this band. I'm proud to be associated with this band, and later in life too, I will always remember them and the pride will stay.

I love music, and it just adds a cherry on top when you know great bands like these. Always thankful to have an ear for music :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

That Mysterious Smile!

One of the good things about travelling in buses, is the varied kind of people you get to see/observe or meet. It's a good thing for studying human psychology as well!

And then there is a set of people that are regulars. I like that part too. Where I know strangers in a strange manner. Though I don' talk to them, I'm reassured when I see them in the bus. Same goes to say for the conductors. If I take a bus at another time for a week or so, or if I'm on leave, they never fail to ask why I wasn't taking the bus! Sweet small gestures :)

One of the regulars in my bus is a nice, very simple looking man. Seems like in his late 20's and working for an IT company (yeah, I've observed regulars in my bus!). While on my way to work, I read a book and so does he. For me, readers are easily spottable. So till the time I realised that he takes the same return bus, I only knew him in the morning bus, and he seemed like a serious, no-nonsense person. But a few days back when I did notice him in my return bus, he had this superior-mysterious smile! The morning-serious looking person image was broken, very pleasantly, by that lovely smile! Oh, how I lurve people smiling :) 

That mysterious smile said so very many things! A whole knew another image of that guy came to me. Have you seen those smiles - the one which is to explode in a hearty-satisfying laugh, but looks lovely when you try to curb it? That one! In trying to curb that laugh/smile, the eyes start speaking out loud! You can almost feel the other person's heart racing when he looks at that message, that number on the phone. You can feel his happiness as his mind thinks about that what is making him smile. In the end, I cannot help but smile when I look at his smile :) 

Yeah, I just need petty reasons to smile. And he makes me smile for sure. I feel that number on his phone, that person is very lucky to have that man as he comes across as a genuine guy. I'm sure he's a good person by heart. And I'm thankful to him for providing that smile which makes me smile! 

May God bless him :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feeling Beauty

What does real beauty mean to you, they ask. Although I'm flooded with thoughts, I'm also left with none. Weird, I know.

Honestly, it simply means beauty to me. I think a crow is as beautiful as a white swan. I think that poor child on the road is as beautiful as that small brat in the house. It's not something to be judged just by looking. It's something that needs to be felt.

I might feel that crow is a pretty thing, but my friend might term it as ugly. I can feel the beauty of nature around me, in practically every moment of my life. But then a pessimist might not feel that. It's a game of feelings. If I don't feel beautiful right now, the truth is there will be nobody uglier than me. That doesn't go to say that I try and look beautiful by putting on some hideous make-up. For me, what will always be important is highlighting your beauty, not hiding it by dabbing make-up.

As I look into the mirror every morning before rushing to office, I finally decide that I'm looking my best for the day to start. It gives me a nice feeling. Of course I have bad hair days, but hey, at least I have tricks to manage those days ;) I'm thankful, thankful for I realised that there's a limit to everything. Even cribbing. And hence, I have no option of cribbing when something goes wrong in the way I look someday. Because if tomorrow I don't look beautiful, I'm sure people around me will still love me and be with me.

Of course I get angry when that pimple pops up out of nowhere on the day when I have something important, even when I'm out of my teens. But then I have no other option but to accept it. Beauty is all about feeling and acceptance now. And I completely, blindly believe in being young at heart. That brings beauty more easily to you. You can grow older and younger, together.


This post is for the Dove Real Beauty Contest. You should check out the Yahoo! Real Beauty page for more on beauty related things. You can blog about your idea of beauty as well and I'm sure people will be happy enough to read all those different views!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Prince - 6

After a work day, when I get into my pyjamas at night, I hope you switch on the song 'Wonderful Tonight' by Eric Clapton, brace me in your arms and dance - with those eyes reciting the lyrics - and with you in your work day clothes....

Listen - Wonderful Tonight 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fireflies In My Heart!

A long pending post of the awesome trip I had with my friends :) Caution : my vocabulary might be limited to using the words to describe that place as it was just amazing! Thanks to Srikanth and Swapna for allowing me to use the pics which pretty much define this post :)

We hit the road to Sakleshpur with a peppy mood and were glad that we kept it all through. Great music, great conversations and great friends! I was sure we did not forget to pack anything after that :) 

After a quick stop and a great meal at Kamath hotel, we pepped up more only to stop at a beautiful landscape to take in the beauty and couldn't get enough of it. I wondered what lay in store for me at Sakleshpur. I also realised that I'm very bad with keeping DSLRs still. I couldn't handle a Nikon without a blur. (Yeah I know, I'm finding chullu bhar paani :P) And thereafter began the picturesque landscapes. My camera conked off at the very first stop, reminding me that may be this is what you should keep in your mind's film. 

We reached Kadumane Tea Estate first, and since it was dark, we could hardly see the estate. But what lay in surprise was this beautiful bungalow which was totally an old charm place. I fell in love with the bungalow - the yellow lights, the old times it spoke of, the h-u-g-e rooms, the comfort. And friends. 

After a fresh chai and a few drinks we headed to the place we were supposed to stay in. And the adventure began there.

We were waiting for Mr. Madan as he was supposed to guide us to Jenukal (our home-stay). And he comes in this land rover! He's ripping those ghats at a speed of 80 while we drive cautiously only to look for him and to search for the tail-light of that rover! But when we reached, our place was breath-taking! Again an old charm place but so cozy and homely. Ah! I wanted to buy that house at the end of the trip! The traditional house with great natural surroundings. What more could one ask for as an escape from the city?

The house
Around the house
Around the house
The view from the house

Though the pic of the house is taken during day time, it gave you a warm feeling when you visited the house at night. Like your own house welcomes you when you visit it after days! But the surprise wasn't out yet! After dinner, the owner took us out and behold! We saw thousands of fireflies lighting up the surroundings like Christmas Lights on trees!! Needless to say, our jaws dropped on the sheer beauty of it! And the best part (according to me) was, that you couldn't click it's pictures or shoot videos. It was enough lit only for your eyes. And it made sense to me. What I saw there for 2 nights, will always be etched in the eyes of my mind :) 

And I couldn't help but express, "I want my man to propose me here! When these fireflies glow enthusiastically, amidst this sheer natural beauty!" Which led to us teasing the couple who hosted the trip! We thought they might want to go through the proposal-acceptance all over again - even after marriage :)
I chatted to glory with my friend (till 4am!!) and we had a visitor! A firefly who listened to our conversations but we trusted it with keeping our conversations to itself. It acted like an angel that night, for some reason. So I'd say, I spoke to my friend about everything under the firefly! (bad joke, I know!) 

We woke up at 7am for the planned trek. That was one of those times when I got closest to nature. Huffing and puffing our way to the peak Jenukal Betta, we spotted a h-u-g-e butterfly and a green wine snake! 

Spotted it?
After reaching the peak, we spotted a scared hare running away from us. I realised only on climbing the peak that a leech had taken resort on my leg! In my frustration of the blood not stopping because of it, I committed a crime - I killed it :( :(  I was sorry, but only later... 
I also named our guide 'Rover' since he was the quickest to climb with no gears and we had to follow him only after looking for him! (remember Mr.Madan and his rover?) Rover had no leeches hanging, nothing. And the funny part in the trek was when while climbing down, we ran like crazy people to avoid the patch where leeches were lurching! Haha! I can still laugh remembering that!

Rover, Our Guide
We climbed that peak :)

After a crazy-fun-tiring trek, what can be more relaxing than a hot-water bath and a sumptuous meal! It was as if God paid heed to our prayers. The food is an unforgettable part of the trip. After our nap, we got up to visit a 1000 year old Shiva temple, only to find that it was closed. But I could imagine how serene that temple would be, when left alone with the coolest God I know - surrounded by mountains, greenery, below those dark clouds! A spiritual experience closest to His creations :)

The temple
The mountains around the temple
The greenery around the temple

We headed to Kadumane Tea Estate after the visit to the temple, as we hadn't seen it during the day. And I was elated to be amongst the roots of my favourite beverage! I also spoke to the beautiful pretty flowers there :)

Talking (and posing) with the flowers :)

And then just sank into the place. Taking in the charm it was shedding! And we headed back to Jenukal, spoke about so many things! You know that feeling? When the people around you identify with what you're saying? THAT! And what better when they're friends :)

So the next morning I woke up with a heavy heart to leave the place. I went upstairs in the verandah, to get drenched in the surroundings and take as much as I could. The peace, the calm, the serenity, the beauty, the green, the life! I just wished I could buy that house! After I made peace with the fact that I cannot buy the house currently, we packed to leave the place. Not without thanking our awesome awesome cook and not without thanking my stars to give me this life that made me bring those fireflies with me in my heart - glowing in so many ways! A glow that reasoned and signified so much :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Prince - 5

When I listen to those groovy songs, and feel like dancing all around, I hope you encourage me. I wish you dance with me by becoming a college kid again to make it much more fun, young and lovely! You know what I mean honey? :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Prince - 4

When you realise my love for the rains and the atmosphere those black clouds create, I hope you understand the romantic in me. I hope you feel the cool wind, smell those raindrops falling on the ground and eventually enjoy getting drenched in the rains - with me. This all, even if you don't like rains :)

(Thanks to the sexy Bangalore weather, it always keeps the romantic side of me under check! :) )

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fall and Rise - Only to Soar High!

I've learnt, 

Not to give up everything in love, and most importantly, not to give up yourself.
To hold on to your self-respect, and let go of unnecessary guilt.
Not to beg till you fall face-flat on the ground, and if you do, then rise - determined to stay strong.
That some chain you down just to possess you and make themselves feel better, and that breaking free is your realisation point.
That after breaking free you keep in mind how the chain possessed you, and you avoid falling for the same type of chain again.
That the marks/scars left by the chain may - and will - take time to fade away, and that it is dependent only on you to apply the right medicines.
That putting yourself under the scanner is not the solution in love, and that the scanner will show the other person what he/she wants to see.
That sometimes it is better to break than to bend.
That sometimes tears are nothing but salt water for the other person.
That the other person does not deserve you and that you deserve the best one!
That some scars might not heal/fade away, and that they'll remind you of a lesson - though bitter - learnt.
That life is full of lessons to be learnt, mostly they'll be gorgeous and sometimes bitter.
That it is necessary to have an attitude, an ego and that they should be in the right proportion.
That first love is always memorable, also for the wrong reasons!
That if you step away, you should be determined to keep walking away.
That if you cross each other at any point, you can pass through the other person without a glitch and with a smile.
That you're not built or born to break, but to surprise yourself with your own strength.
That how much ever the world criticizes a woman for being complicated, each day you're proud to be one simple-uncomplicated soul.
That you deserve respect when you give respect.
That the other person should be proud to have you in his/her life, and not want to get rid of you or insult you.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Prince - 3

When we go for a trip to a place closest to nature, and mostly untouched by humans -  I would like you to propose/confess your love at night, when those fireflies light up the surroundings.... A perfect setting for a proposal, a perfect place and the perfect 'us' :)

(Saw thousands of fireflies lighting up the trees at night around us in Sakleshpur. It is an inexplicable experience, but nothing to compare the romantic aura it creates! Post about the trip coming soon!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Prince - 2

When I try new things in life, however old I grow to try my hands on anything, I hope he appreciates everything right from scratch - the initiative, the efforts, the process, the end product! Even if he makes fun out of it for a while, I hope at the bottom of his heart he's proud of me and loves me for such a small thing :) Needless to say but, I'd be more than delighted if he takes part with me :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Prince - 1

Since I'm a dreamer and a romantic by heart, I obviously end up dreaming about my future man a lot of times! So I thought, why not put it in my open book here? :) Hence, I start with one of my many posts to follow, about the man I would like to call my better half! :)
I would be totally charmed by a man who would also ask me for a dance on the song 'Pehla Nasha', apart from western songs... :-)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Building designs!

During one of our late-night chats the other night, me and my sister were discussing architecture. We have a common hatred for glass buildings which come up any and everywhere. 

Well for starters, I don't know if it's a sign of 'development'. A posh building will be unveiled somewhere and it will be - glass. Duh! How is a glass building a sign of great architectural achievement? Be warned that this is a non-architectural, aam insaan woman talking here. So all I see in a glass building is just that. A square/rectangular building with that material all over. According to my knowledge, isn't that one of the reasons that the building gets warm from inside? And then we need AC's to cool it down. Plus the plain fact that there are not much brains required in 'designing' that glass building. 

What happened to the beautiful designs that we 'could' have? Also consider the point, that I'm not considering the cost factor here. Glass buildings might be cheap but they're not appealing. I fell in love with Hiranandani in Powai. Gosh! You enter the shops in such a happy state because the building is so darn beautiful! I'm sure the happy state helps them in sales ;) Anyways.... the point being, a person like me would love love to enter a building like that instead of a glass structure. Why can't malls and offices have that architecture? Wouldn't that design require much more brains that these ugly structures? Whatever happened to making a city look beautiful. 

Check that out! I think I would just like to roam around it for no reason as well. I guess that is also what is one of the most appealing factors for a city. I'm sure people would like to enter beautiful buildings in general. I envy those who work in offices inside Hiranandani. It'll definitely be one of the reasons to shoo away morning blues. And the fact about buildings with good architecture is that they grow beautiful as the grow old. They also have their own personality.

I just hope we design amazing buildings like these in India, phasing out glass buildings. It'll definitely make the cities and in turn the country look more beautiful! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gudiya Chaahe Na Laana, Pappa Jaldi Aa Jaana...

I was playing with our neighbour's kid again, yeah D :) She loves to listen to songs, and sometimes tries to sing with us. Generally, my mother sings for her as she knows all the lullabys. But yesterday, for a change, I sang to her. 

D's father was on his way home and I know how excited she gets to see him. Well any daughter would :) And the song that came to my mind was 'Pappa Jaldi Aa Jaana' from the old movie Taqdeer. The restless baby that D is, I was surprised when she calmly rested on my shoulders listening to this song. Beautiful lyrics in the first stanza itself :

Saat samandar paar se
Gudiyon ke bazaar se
Achi si gudiya laana
Gudiya chaahe na laana
Pappa jaldi aa jaana

This song never came to my mind for all the times I have sung for D. But it did yesterday, and I have not been able to take this song out of mind since then. I hadn't watched the video before today as well. I don't quite remember if my mother sang this song for us when we were kids.

Childhood memories crowd in. All I can think of since yesterday is how much I would be worried when my father wouldn't come home on time. Even one day if he wouldn't come on his usual time, I would miss him. If I had asked him to bring something for me, then it would pretty much be like how it is in the song above - Gudiya chaahe na laana, Pappa jaldi aa jaana! As a kid, I was scared to get out of the train on stations, simply because I didn't want to miss my train. When the family would travel together, I would keep looking out of the window when my father would get down. If the train started moving and he wouldn't be seen near us, I would panic. Just for those 10 seconds!

All the women in our colony had these monthly trips for them to spend some time away from the daily rush. It would be those Sundays when Mom wasn't around, that me and my sister enjoyed being with Dad the most! He would cook us the most delicious meal, also keeping in mind what we would like to eat.

I remember those nights when he would tell me the story of a brave boy. I remember how he would nurse me and my sister when either of us would fall sick. The worried expression on his face is still etched in my mind. I remember his big belly near which I would sleep using it as a cushion sometimes :) I remember the times he had fought with Mom for us.

Outings on Saturdays, his half day at work, would not involve Mom, mostly. He would take us to the zoo-cum-park to feed the animals there. I guess such small lessons made me and my sister an environment freak :) When the three of us would be on the scooter, he would keep tucking at us for fun, asking if both of us were there :) Cleaning the house on Sundays would be a family thing. Each of us would be allotted a department. Dad would switch on the music and off we would groove and clean the house. The tradition still continues! I'm grateful to Dad for the ear for music he has given us :)

My dad wouldn't tour much. But whenever he did, as any other child, I would expect him to bring something for me! May be a doll.... But at the end, I would be most happy for his return. 

Little did I know that someday he would never return from the hospital....
May be that's why the lines have been inside my head since yesterday, "Saat samandar paar se, Pappa jaldi aa jaana...." For we want him to return... We miss you Dad! But I also hope that you're having fun up there in heaven :) And we will always love you! :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A fun 'Earth Hour'!

Yes, the annual earth hour. It was celebrated yesterday with family and friends. I take the liberty of saying that it was a celebration, though it's a grim situation at the base, because I realised that such serious things can be made fun without losing the importance or reason behind it.

The other day we were discussing how people have made their own terms and accepted it to be 'what is supposed to happen'. Yeah right. You know what? Even if it is supposed to happen, it's not necessary that you screw it up. And at the end of the day you could just escape saying, "it's supposed to happen". I believe that something huge is going to happen in 2012, but that doesn't mean I mess around with this very planet who has provided us with so many things, everything!

I'm so sure that our creator must be crying silent tears for creating us. Have you ever had that feeling of creating something of your own and seeing it doing bad for others? Yeah, exactly. That sinking feeling. I'm not saying that I'm a full on go green person, but then I'm doing my bit. For starters I'm not expecting or believing that the earth is meant to be in a worse state :P I've been thinking about buying a 2-wheeler but the first thing that comes to my mind is, am I not adding to the traffic, the pollution? Yeah I know, in your head you just went "This woman is crazy". I do want to own a car but I don't know how much guilt I'll go through or how much time it'll take for me to think it through!

Anyways, so last year on earth hour we had been to our cousin's place. We played scrabble which could only have 'green' words and eventually named it 'Greeble' :) Our cousin's wife used only organic stuff to prepare dinner. We shared our worries about and towards our planet, and realised we're much much better than some people. We made it a fun event and later found out that we ended up extending the time of switiching off, unknowingly! :) This also was our shot to fame in Infosys [;)] as our cousin shared about the evening on Infosys intranet. And our ideas were a suggestion for this year's earth hour :)

This year we thought of having fun again! So we invited our cousin and two friends. Though late by half hour, we switched off the lights. We decided not to use LPG for dinner. But we had proper dinner with dessert and beverage! So raw poha (beaten rice) was used to make 'Gopalkala' - a dish famous in Maharashtra made on Janmashtami and during Ganesh Chaturthi. Dessert was also made out of poha, and for beverage we had Jaljeera :) Candles were lit and we shared about green initiatives - our bits. We also shared how we know of people and their bits towards going green. And then one of our friends, who is a guitarist, suggested that we make a song about the whole evening. And we recorded a video of the song as well!! :) Below are the lyrics and the video:

Lets make an Earth Hour
To remember
From January 
To December

Aint just about romance
We switched off
Gave Earth a chance

It was our way
Of getting together
And contributing
To make it better

Our food
Was made without LPG
The Earth is now 
A little more Carbon-free

Notes of honey
Emanate from wood
And make the evening
Sound so good

It was our way
Of getting together
And contributing
To make it better

The Earth hour
Is just a stepping stone
One day a green Earth
We'll claim as our own...


Lets make it greener
Lets make it better

Lets make it greener
Lets make it better

Lets make it greener
Lets make it better

Lets make it greener
Lets make it better...

I'm proud of all those around the globe who are worried about our lovely planet and are doing good things towards it, however small or big. I'm proud of those who shared the evening with us last night - family and friends :) Thank you for being there!

I love this planet and I'll try and do as much as I can to do my best towards it. This planet deserves respect, if nothing else. I love the earth! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Child's Play!

I was playing with my neighbour's daughter today. She's a sweetheart. Just about to finish a year, she taught me quite a few lessons. Let's call her 'D'.

D just learnt how to climb up the stairs, she still doesn't know how to climb them down though. She climbs a few stairs and then looks back at us - checking if we're there to ensure she's fine and also to encourage her, applause when she climbs. She pauses for a nice time and smiles to her own content. As I applause when she finishes climbing the set of stairs, she starts clapping as well. Enjoys it thoroughly. 
The lesson learnt here was, that when we achieve a particular goal, before moving ahead, we should totally savour the moment. Get encouraged, and most importantly, applause for self! In the rush of climbing those stairs, we might just fall on our face - flat! And when you finish climbing your own set of stairs, apart from you there'll be others who will stand in awe of you too!

The next favourite thing for D, after climbing the stairs, is to observe the world around. Observe in every sense of the term. She pays thorough attention when I point out the colourful cars passing by. She admires the birds flying across the sky, without blinking her eyes. She tries to call the dogs that roam around. She observes people, gestures a 'hi' when we ask her to. Admires the flowers that are in full-bloom right now.
Haven't we forgotten all these things somewhere, while keeping up with the world? Who stops and looks at birds? They've always existed and hence are easily ignored. While walking on the road, when we see flowers fallen below, do we take a moment to look up and see the same flowers in bloom? Gone are the days when we could trust anybody on the road, and hence fail to give any stranger a smile!

Like any other baby, D likes to do things which we ask her not to do. And if anybody resorts to scolding her, she pretends to be upset. But the moment we smile or laugh, she bursts out laughing as well. Trust me, that happens every time we scold her!
But as we grow up, we take things to heart. We don't take the lesson out of it and make merry, like D. We choose to savour the sad moment that comes after being scolded...

One favourite thing about D, for me, is that if you look at her and smile or laugh - anytime - she replies with the same. A happy baby that she is, it just ensures that my habit of smiling is definitely worth something. Even if it means watching a baby's face glow up with a brilliant (and toothless :D) smile :)

As it is, growing up changes a lot of things for us, which is inevitable. But if we give it a thought, life just might be a child's play!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Tales!

Heavy YELLOW on GREEN, makes the branches lean
Beautiful LAVENDER carpet all over, makes u want to roll-over!
The PINK welcomes you by shedding itself from the tree
The WHITE wants to touch you, and makes itself free!
So dance around as the spring charms you!
Be enchanted by the beauty that surrounds you...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Life It Provides!

This is about the Tree Year Project that I've taken up, about my tree, the one I've chosen to observe, and in a way, love :) I'm still in awe of how huge it is. How happily it stands! It reminds me of being proud and humble at the same time. 

And it speaks to me of the life it provides... When I look at it, it's beyond my imagination as to how many birds and other types of living things must be living there! There must be like a colony of birds! I saw a flock coming out of it the other if the family was ready for an outing, but only to come back to their home sweet home :) And if they're guests, or are moving away from the tree, they must be sad as well, to leave the tree that has provided them with shelter.

My tree acts like a parent to the Bamboo tree which grows beneath it. How safe the Bamboo tree must be feeling. Like a child... Safe, warm in the arms of its parent. My tree must be possessive of its various children - right from birds to the Bamboo tree. It must've seen Bangalore change. It must've met so many people, in whose compound it stands tall. It must be missing the old days. I hope its children are lucky enough to hear the stories it has to tell - of the things changing around, of the residents it has provided shelter to since ages! 

For once, I just wish I had powers to understand what the trees are trying to tell me. I would've been one of the many children that my tree has, who would listen to the stories it has to tell, with the same curiosity that it expects me to listen to. I just want my tree to know, that it provides life to me as well, it makes me go through emotions. It's one of the reasons that makes me happy everyday, when I see it :)