Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Women Need To Understand

While talking to a couple of guy friends recently, we started discussing relationships-women-their behaviour. And it struck me that women can be unreasonable, especially while in a relationship. I'm not getting into the marriage topic here!

You're in a relationship for not even a year or two, how the hell can you expect a guy to understand you or know how you will react to certain situations? C'mmon women, accept it. We are made of all sorts of emotions. Even we don't know how somethings can tick us off or how-when the same things will be fine with us. If you're irritated and you're guy is sweet enough to ask you what is wrong, you just cannot say, "You're supposed to know"! Wha! Even your mom won't know. I think it's easier if a woman accepts the fact that we are complicated. How much ever simple you are, there will be certain situations when you'll be 'complications personified'! And let's also accept the fact that men do not understand our complications, they only do after a certain period of time. A man deserves that much time and space. 

Or let's make it easier for both the man and the woman. Accept that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. There. Clear. People from two different planets *will* take time to get used to each other, especially when in a relationship. I'd say it's easier for women to understand men, but it's definitely not the other way round. A guy needs time, how much? We don't know. In a marriage it's different. The initial years are again an everyday surprise about the person as such (I find that to be good for some reason). And later on, when you've completed quite a few years together, you do get used to each other and probably find out how the person will react to what.

As women crib about men talking about space, men do about how complicated we can make things. And I do agree on that. These are just facts, which turn into cribs for us. Women need to breathe while men try and figure out what a woman is all about ;) Well, there's no certain answer to that boys. But women should be proud of what they're made of - emotions and rationality. Statutory warning: Now *that* ratio might vary. Okay, it does vary.


Shravan said...

Could be a bitter truth for girls. But, there is a lot to learn from your words. Very well written.

Nirupama said...

Glad you liked it Shravan! Thanks for the words of appreciation! :)

Anonymous said...

I accept the fact niru....i used to disagree on the fact tt women are complicated bt now i understand :)
but i am proud to be a WOMAN!!!

Anupama said...

I would heartily agree that women are complicated and we shouldn't fool ourselves about that. And sometimes we make matters worse by bringing in external complications into the situation! It is unfair to expect men to understand us and in fact we should both agree that we are different and stop expecting the other person to behave/react like we do!!

Nirupama said...

Exactly Di! It's about accepting certain facts of life, which eventually make life easier!