Saturday, October 22, 2011

On a new voyage!

There is no doubt in my heart that a positive outlook to any and everything - big or small - works wonders. I am reassured every time. I try to keep an optimistic attitude, I feel I achieve it, I don't know if others feel so about me.

So as I was ready to join my new company, I realised that I wasn't nervous at all, like *at all*. I was excited to start afresh, thinking about the change and the new-ness in life. As I entered the new office early morning, there were only three people in. As I looked around the office, it was not very formal, which I liked. There are no cubicles, just desks - like study desks. And I started liking the place instantly. While I was dressed in semi-formals, there just was no dress code as such! 

All through the day, there was music playing. And *all* of them were my favourite tracks! And my favourite part is that there are laughs all around during the day. Gosh! It's like a sign,  a sign that I am at the right place. I like the chilled out ambience, and for a person like me what matters at work (apart from the money) is people and the environment. My colleagues welcomed me with such warmth, that I did not feel it's my first day. It was so usual that I couldn't believe it's my first day as well! I got a name on the first day itself by a colleague since he thought I am a Bengali! 

There's something different about creative spaces. The chilled out atmosphere here is amazing. I am basically liking everything about the new job. And don't be surprised if you find me smiling all through here :) The optimism that I had in my heart while starting this new journey has brought me happiness :)


Anupama said...

Helen Keller had said, "Always keep your face to the sun and you can't see the shadow". Keeping a positive outlook always helps because the world only shows you what you want to see :) And so you should know you only have good things coming your way...all the best for this journey sweety!!

Nirupama said...

Perfect quote there :) And I agree on the part that the world shows us what we want to see.
Thanks for the wishes D! :)

thegalnxtdoor said...

Just saw this post!
Happy to know that you are doing good in your new journey. All the best! :)

Nirupama said...

Hey thanks a lot GND :) said...

Writing after a long time, aren't you? Good to know you have changed jobs for the better and if it makes you smile all the time, it HAS to be good, right? All the best. :)