Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Life It Provides!

This is about the Tree Year Project that I've taken up, about my tree, the one I've chosen to observe, and in a way, love :) I'm still in awe of how huge it is. How happily it stands! It reminds me of being proud and humble at the same time. 

And it speaks to me of the life it provides... When I look at it, it's beyond my imagination as to how many birds and other types of living things must be living there! There must be like a colony of birds! I saw a flock coming out of it the other if the family was ready for an outing, but only to come back to their home sweet home :) And if they're guests, or are moving away from the tree, they must be sad as well, to leave the tree that has provided them with shelter.

My tree acts like a parent to the Bamboo tree which grows beneath it. How safe the Bamboo tree must be feeling. Like a child... Safe, warm in the arms of its parent. My tree must be possessive of its various children - right from birds to the Bamboo tree. It must've seen Bangalore change. It must've met so many people, in whose compound it stands tall. It must be missing the old days. I hope its children are lucky enough to hear the stories it has to tell - of the things changing around, of the residents it has provided shelter to since ages! 

For once, I just wish I had powers to understand what the trees are trying to tell me. I would've been one of the many children that my tree has, who would listen to the stories it has to tell, with the same curiosity that it expects me to listen to. I just want my tree to know, that it provides life to me as well, it makes me go through emotions. It's one of the reasons that makes me happy everyday, when I see it :)