Thursday, October 7, 2010

Strange Ways....

There are times when I feel lonely. Times when some people desert me for a while or may be forever. Which makes me wonder if I've done something to hurt the other person. And this happens with those who are really close to me - friends list. Because in no context would I like to or intend to hurt anyone, especially a friend. I'm one of those who can apologise immediately, if the need be. Very few times have I not apologised. In fact, I don't remember when I haven't.

All this makes me wonder about God's strange ways. Yes, they will have a good reason once you find out, but that's for later. What about the moment? The way you feel at that very moment. You recall the days when you stood by your friends, gave them a shoulder to cry on, gave advices when they needed one, helped them stand back on their feet when they stumbled. Then why is nobody there to listen to you when you need nothing more than a lending ear? Why is it that when you finally find comfort in a friend, everything just takes a halt after a while and you're left wondering again - will those friends listen to you next time? Is anything wrong? Did you hurt them? Or are they just busy?

It's very strange. You're surrounded by people in your good times, and not one soul is around when you want one to be around! Yeah, I know sounds clichéd, but hey, isn't it true? No. I'm not asking something in return when I helped someone. That wasn't even my motive. I don't even know if I was of any help to my friends ever! Just trying to make a point about the strangeness....

Chuck all those quotes about friendship. Quotes do not make a relationship, but they definitely make them look beautiful. Finally it's only at every point in life you find out who stood by you and who left you to deal with your own situations. Even though you never asked for help. You asked for an ear. And I know how important listening to someone is. It's very comforting.

But as always, I'm glad for whatever has happened or is happening in my life. Yeah I rant about the current happenings but at the end of it all, I've learnt lessons this way! I am what I am today because of the events in my life and I know there's a good reason behind all of the events! :)