Sunday, March 27, 2011

A fun 'Earth Hour'!

Yes, the annual earth hour. It was celebrated yesterday with family and friends. I take the liberty of saying that it was a celebration, though it's a grim situation at the base, because I realised that such serious things can be made fun without losing the importance or reason behind it.

The other day we were discussing how people have made their own terms and accepted it to be 'what is supposed to happen'. Yeah right. You know what? Even if it is supposed to happen, it's not necessary that you screw it up. And at the end of the day you could just escape saying, "it's supposed to happen". I believe that something huge is going to happen in 2012, but that doesn't mean I mess around with this very planet who has provided us with so many things, everything!

I'm so sure that our creator must be crying silent tears for creating us. Have you ever had that feeling of creating something of your own and seeing it doing bad for others? Yeah, exactly. That sinking feeling. I'm not saying that I'm a full on go green person, but then I'm doing my bit. For starters I'm not expecting or believing that the earth is meant to be in a worse state :P I've been thinking about buying a 2-wheeler but the first thing that comes to my mind is, am I not adding to the traffic, the pollution? Yeah I know, in your head you just went "This woman is crazy". I do want to own a car but I don't know how much guilt I'll go through or how much time it'll take for me to think it through!

Anyways, so last year on earth hour we had been to our cousin's place. We played scrabble which could only have 'green' words and eventually named it 'Greeble' :) Our cousin's wife used only organic stuff to prepare dinner. We shared our worries about and towards our planet, and realised we're much much better than some people. We made it a fun event and later found out that we ended up extending the time of switiching off, unknowingly! :) This also was our shot to fame in Infosys [;)] as our cousin shared about the evening on Infosys intranet. And our ideas were a suggestion for this year's earth hour :)

This year we thought of having fun again! So we invited our cousin and two friends. Though late by half hour, we switched off the lights. We decided not to use LPG for dinner. But we had proper dinner with dessert and beverage! So raw poha (beaten rice) was used to make 'Gopalkala' - a dish famous in Maharashtra made on Janmashtami and during Ganesh Chaturthi. Dessert was also made out of poha, and for beverage we had Jaljeera :) Candles were lit and we shared about green initiatives - our bits. We also shared how we know of people and their bits towards going green. And then one of our friends, who is a guitarist, suggested that we make a song about the whole evening. And we recorded a video of the song as well!! :) Below are the lyrics and the video:

Lets make an Earth Hour
To remember
From January 
To December

Aint just about romance
We switched off
Gave Earth a chance

It was our way
Of getting together
And contributing
To make it better

Our food
Was made without LPG
The Earth is now 
A little more Carbon-free

Notes of honey
Emanate from wood
And make the evening
Sound so good

It was our way
Of getting together
And contributing
To make it better

The Earth hour
Is just a stepping stone
One day a green Earth
We'll claim as our own...


Lets make it greener
Lets make it better

Lets make it greener
Lets make it better

Lets make it greener
Lets make it better

Lets make it greener
Lets make it better...

I'm proud of all those around the globe who are worried about our lovely planet and are doing good things towards it, however small or big. I'm proud of those who shared the evening with us last night - family and friends :) Thank you for being there!

I love this planet and I'll try and do as much as I can to do my best towards it. This planet deserves respect, if nothing else. I love the earth! :)


swapna said...

When noble minds meet,
Noble thoughts take seed
Great way to spend a dark evening
That livens the days that follow!

Anupama said...

You should have posted the video alongside too!

What a fun time it was :) Nice round-up!

Nirupama said...

@ Swapna
Thanks for the lovely poem! Says it all! :)

@ D
The video is there...yeah not highlighted but. Will do :) Indeed it was fun :D