Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Tales!

Heavy YELLOW on GREEN, makes the branches lean
Beautiful LAVENDER carpet all over, makes u want to roll-over!
The PINK welcomes you by shedding itself from the tree
The WHITE wants to touch you, and makes itself free!
So dance around as the spring charms you!
Be enchanted by the beauty that surrounds you...


prashant said...

short and sweet poetry on the short but pleasant season. :)
The Spring's already gone, hence the summer's dawn! I hate Summer!

Anupama said...

Kya baat hai, mere bhai behen dono poets hain! Proud of you both!

Nice little poetry with vivid colours!

Nirupama said...

@ Prash : Thanks bro! And agreeing with D here on your poetic lines!
Keep writing! :)

@ D : Thanks a ton D :D Means a lot :)

swapna said...

Lovely... Spring is Bangalore is the best, and I love the way you have put the sights in words...

Nirupama said...

@ Swapna :
It definitely is! The city speaks of spring right now :) And thank you so much for the comment :)
Keep writing!