Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holding On To Memories!

I watched the play The Blue Mug today for the second time. And I'm so glad that I did. Though it's a simple play, it definitely put my thinking cells to work.

Especially a part where this middle aged man (played by Ranvir Shorey) loses his memory. He does not remember anything after the age of 21 years. So his vivid memories only include his younger days. He does not recognise himself in the present day when he looks at himself. He does not recognise his own brother and needless to say, it scares him. And it scared me, rather made me think.

In all of my 23 years of this life, I've probably had the best and worst of days to remember in each year, every month, every day. I have no idea what kind of a person I would be today if not for those days, those experiences. I'm not saying that I'm a great person or anything like that. In my eyes, I like who I am and am thankful for those days that have made me so today. As it is, I'm pretty bad in terms of memory [check with my sister on this one ;) ], but there are some that are etched.

The play made me think of how my life would be if one day I lost all of this that I hold on to, memories! I'm holding on to memories of my father. I cannot imagine how I would fare if not for those memories. I've had and am having the time of my life with my sister, friends, those parties, those days where I've loafed around, working at a fun place, meeting new people and letting some people go as well. Those memories with a certain group of friends. Yeah those which start a riot of laugh just by mentioning one word! Memories of my mistakes, memories which bring a frown and a smile on my face! Memories of today!

Sometimes, all we probably need are memories. If I think of it, I can see myself recalling some great happy, fun memories when I grow old. So that it brings back to me what I've held on to all my life. Memories, whether happy or sad.


Vandana said...

Simply loved it!!!

Nirupama said...

Thanks Vandu :) :)

Anupama said...

Its the only thing that is really ours...our memories, remembers in that particular way only by us...someone else's version of the same story is so different!

Nirupama said...

Hey D!

Yes! I can completely say that memories are probably the only things that we can take to our graves. Whether good or bad, they stick to you :)

Sathej said...

That is a beautiful thought - memories are the only things that are entirely ours ! Sometimes though, you know, we wish we can share memories, exchange notes with people associated with them. And it feels a bit sad to be forced to relive memories all by ourselves..

Came here from 'The Gal Nxt door'..some nice posts, hope to keep dropping in..


Nirupama said...

Hey Sathej,
That's those memories all over again by ourselves can be a bit sad, but then, we should rejoice for at least we lived them!