Saturday, April 9, 2011

Building designs!

During one of our late-night chats the other night, me and my sister were discussing architecture. We have a common hatred for glass buildings which come up any and everywhere. 

Well for starters, I don't know if it's a sign of 'development'. A posh building will be unveiled somewhere and it will be - glass. Duh! How is a glass building a sign of great architectural achievement? Be warned that this is a non-architectural, aam insaan woman talking here. So all I see in a glass building is just that. A square/rectangular building with that material all over. According to my knowledge, isn't that one of the reasons that the building gets warm from inside? And then we need AC's to cool it down. Plus the plain fact that there are not much brains required in 'designing' that glass building. 

What happened to the beautiful designs that we 'could' have? Also consider the point, that I'm not considering the cost factor here. Glass buildings might be cheap but they're not appealing. I fell in love with Hiranandani in Powai. Gosh! You enter the shops in such a happy state because the building is so darn beautiful! I'm sure the happy state helps them in sales ;) Anyways.... the point being, a person like me would love love to enter a building like that instead of a glass structure. Why can't malls and offices have that architecture? Wouldn't that design require much more brains that these ugly structures? Whatever happened to making a city look beautiful. 

Check that out! I think I would just like to roam around it for no reason as well. I guess that is also what is one of the most appealing factors for a city. I'm sure people would like to enter beautiful buildings in general. I envy those who work in offices inside Hiranandani. It'll definitely be one of the reasons to shoo away morning blues. And the fact about buildings with good architecture is that they grow beautiful as the grow old. They also have their own personality.

I just hope we design amazing buildings like these in India, phasing out glass buildings. It'll definitely make the cities and in turn the country look more beautiful! :)

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laurelsudeep said...

I second you on this topic ..