Sunday, May 29, 2011

Music Taking Flight

I love music. In most of it forms. And I might have mentioned before, that I'm very much thankful to my parents for giving us an ear for music. To the extent that it's a part of living.

Ever since I made my base in Bangalore, one reason I love this city (apart from the romantic weather, yes) is its love for music. This city thrives on music. And I'm amazed as well as thankful for how me and my sister have taken to this city and its own life, so quickly. So it was more than a bliss when I discovered that there are gigs happening here practically all the time (bless thy soul)! Both of us would find out about the various gigs during the week, mostly over the weekend starting Friday nights.

Then there are music festivals! I attended Fireflies, an overnight fest. And we discovered this amazing band 'Parvaaz' there. To our delight, it's a local band! So once we discovered them we started stalking them, literally. We followed them on their Facebook page and got updated about their upcoming performances. We would meet them after every performance just to tell them how great they were. And we didn't realise that we eventually became friends with the band members and the manager, and grew closer to the band!

The members are just great, needless to say hugely talented, gentlemanly, and fun! Last Friday, I had to attend their gig and was talking to my lead about them. It dawned upon me how me and my sister's journey about and with this band had been. Somewhere, one of the things I wanted in life was to know a band, it happened and how! They produce great music and never fail to amuse the audience. We're always going to be a fan of this band. I'm proud to be associated with this band, and later in life too, I will always remember them and the pride will stay.

I love music, and it just adds a cherry on top when you know great bands like these. Always thankful to have an ear for music :)


Kashif said...

We are lucky to meet you guys and amazed that such good things can be written about us.
Niru and Anu,you guys are sweethearts and we shall make sure that we bring you more music,memories and everlasting friendship.


Sam said...

'somewhere, one of the things i wanted in life was to know a band, it happend and how!'

- been there done that, your first band always remains in you. have fun.

Nirupama said...

Hey Kashif,
Thanks for those lovely words of appreciation....we both love you guys and will always remain your fans :)

Hey Sam,
Thanks for dropping by! What you said is very true :)