Saturday, August 18, 2012

Music That Weaves Dreams...
It's been a while since I've heard music that is calming. I was getting bored of my playlist and have never been good at finding new music by myself. I always get new music from my sister and friends.

One of my colleagues has this amazing collection of music and I've been wanting to ask him since ages about sharing it with me. Finally I asked him and he was kind enough to share his collection. 

And there it was. The kind of music I would love playing in my house. Instrumental, fusion, off-beat, engaging yet calming. The kind of music I've been wanting to find by myself. The kind that weaves dreams into me by itself. I remember listening to such music very rarely and being attracted to it everytime, like it was my go-to music.

Here I am, listening to that music after so long that it takes me to my dream space. A house with yellow lights, curtains flowing because of the blowing winds, this same genre of music playing, smiles and laughs all around with my future partner. A beautiful dream, I believe will convert into a reality.

It makes me thank God for the existence of music and for the fact that I have an ear for it. 

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