Sunday, September 16, 2012

Soul Kadhi

I like catching up with friends. It’s just that sometimes the laziness tends to get on to me. But when it comes to old friends and people that are special to me, I never refuse their offer.

I was pretty happy to meet this friend of mine over the weekend, although I did meet her about a month ago. It’s always good to see her. Our conversations tend to touch so many topics that at the end of the meeting when I get home, I am always happy to look back upon it.

We went to this place called ‘Under The Mango Tree’. When I suggested this place to her she was up for it in the first go. I really liked her reply, she said, “Let’s finalise this place. I like the name; we can discuss life under the mango tree.” And I smiled... So true!

The catching up turned out to be like a summer afternoon under the mango tree, where you have nothing else on your mind and go by the flow of the conversations. We discussed everything from work, to people, to life, to how it is taking a turn in various aspects. Sharing experiences to giving advices, having great food by the side – lovely conversations under the tree indeed.

This was one of the best ‘soul kadhi’ I came across, garnished with heart to heart conversations... Garnished with honesty and love...

(Also, the restaurant next to 'Under The Mango Tree' was called 'Soul Kadhi' and my sister mentioned it is a good name for a blog. Suits me!)

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