Saturday, September 8, 2012

A World Which Was Never Unreal

A song grabs sudden attention while working and I don't realise when it suddenly brings a strange respite during the work day.

It's a Saturday and I am still stuck to this song. It is a melody that speaks about a calm night, time together, where the togetherness wouldn't want you to speak at all....

And I am taken to a world I am looking forward to step into, a world I've kept so close to my heart that it has become a part of my soul. I have believed in love and romance ever since I left my tomboy phase. As if the world was never unreal, it takes minutes for me to slip into that world secretly and I am happy with what I see in my future.

A world full of calm songs playing in the background, while me and my better half do our usual chores. A world where we don't need to steal moments from someone, as we'd believe in the song "All you need is love!" A world where we take care of each other like it's the most obvious thing to do and not something that we have to oblige to. A world where we go on walks around the town everyday, without fail, a sort of ritual, even if it means going to the nearest coffee shop. A place where I snuggle into my prince's arms and he likes to take me in his arms, without thinking I am too mushy. A world where all my smiles, laughter, angst, tears don't go into a void but are welcomed by a person who accepts me at par. A world full of mugs of coffee and chai by the window or in the balcony where we have the most normal of conversations and  discussions. A world where I look forward to sleeping next to my prince and waking up to him, which ensures that my day ended well and begins on the most adorable of notes :)

A world where all my dreams come true. Of living in peace, harmony, happiness with each other. A world called 'love'.

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