Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Tree Year

I'm participating in The Tree Year - Be more aware of the little things in life – see and enjoy the diversity and beauty of the life and colors on a tree – and share it with others.

As everybody might have realised, at some point in their everyday lives, that we miss out on small natural things. For the love of trees - here I am this is me, who has decided to observe this beautiful h-u-g-e Banyan Tree! The funny part is, it is so huge that people hardly observe it! One of the things you take for granted may be. You know, may be it is like a relationship. Where we take trees for granted. Like I've took other trees for granted, because I love them! But a few of those trees were cut because of no reason, and I realised how empty that place was - like your heart becomes hollow when you lose a loved one. It takes time for you to fill up that emptiness.

I've chosen *my tree*! :D Hope I can write about it often and am able to take pictures. I'm sorry if I'm unable to get into the scientific details of the tree. I'm just trying to participate in the best way I can :)


dreamfalcon said...

Welcome to the Tree Year!
No problem if it's not scientific - it's just all about what you can see and do!

Nirupama said...

Hey DreamFalcon!
Thanks a ton for the validation ;)
Will do the best I can :)