Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dhobi Ghat

A lot of people told me not to go for the movie as it turned out to be boring for them. I got mixed reviews. But then, I like movies - why limit the love to commercial ones? And art movies are not that bad. I like them. Plus Aamir Khan :)

First of all, people who do not like a particular movie after getting inside the theater - please either shut your mouth or leave. The theater was half empty and so your comments were much more audible to me than the ones in the movie! If I don't like Golmaal (new version) after getting inside the hall, I will not pass on comments when everybody is oh-so-liking it!

Anyways..... when I was realising my love for Bombay, this movie kinda made me sure of it. It's official - I'm in love with Bombay! There's so much happening in that city at once! So many people leading different lifestyle, but may be somewhere connected to each other in a tiny way. A city full of life - both happy and sad. A city that makes you addicted sooner than smoking and drinking! 

What touched me in the movie was this one scene where Arun, after watching Yasmin's videos, goes to the beach. A different kind of realisation dawns upon him. He has this happiness which reflects on his face....the way he admires the waves on the beach everyday! Ah! I was choked. I have no idea why.

The movie touched me in very many ways, kinda inexplicable... But yes for the love of Bombay, do watch it :)


Anupama said...
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Anupama said...

Watched it and loved it as much as you did! What a beautiful movie, about a beautiful city!

And can totally understand being bugged by people who can't keep their mouths shut when they are in a movie hall...annoying bugs!

ಜೀವನ ಒಂದು ಪಯಣ... said...

Even I liked the movie very much mam...
The way she directed the movie was good

Nirupama said...

@ D : Truly! Made me fall in more in love with Bombay. :)
And let's not discuss those people who are irritating in the movie hall x-(

@ Ashwini :
Thanks for dropping by :)
Yeah, for a debut, the direction was simply marvellous :)
Keep writing!