Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Contagious Laugh - The Best Disease!

Dreaming about the future is such a feel good factor! Especially the one I have in my mind.

I see myself alone (yes for a while). With only the people I love around me. Only the positivity around me. Friends coming over most of the times. Having the craziest time of our lives! I see myself laughing so hard all the time, loudly! Laughter of me and my loved ones echoing throughout the house. Like those rare pictures people manage to click when people are laughing hard so much so that their stomach starts hurting, tears roll out, laughing with their heads swaying back most of the time! So hard that it's hard to breathe! :) Have you ever had that lovely laugh?

I love those contagious laughs! :) I cherish such moments when I laugh that great laugh. Because it's not everyday. But I want to, and I know I will laugh like that very soon - everyday :) I will live this dream that keeps flashing in front of my eyes all the time. I see myself as a calmer person. A much happier person. A fun-filled one too. I know that is me.

So laugh like you've never laughed before! Atleast we can try to do that everyday. And make sure it's contagious! :) A contagious laugh brings a smile on others face, if not that laugh.

Since I like to (and do!) smile most of the times, I shall try and make others smile too :)


Anupama said...


Nirupama said...

Thank You Di :) :)

Vandana said...

Am sure you will sweetheart! And i hope i am around to take this "laughter disease" from you :P)

Nirupama said...

Thanks a ton Vandu :) You sure will be around, don't worry :)