Monday, June 7, 2010


I watched 'Wake Up Sid' again. Love that movie for the simple factor of being genuine. I guess I had forgotten why I used to smile genuinely. 'Ayesha' reminded me of it. She brought the smile back on my face.
The feeling of being independent, and most importantly in a great city, not just any other city. That rush of excitement and happiness, for no good reason sometimes. The nervousness of surviving in a strange city. The things that make a city lovable, and the fact that you start loving it too for the same reasons, apart from your own reasons.
The weather in Bangalore is awesome today, after a long time. The way it used to be when I had come to the city. The morning factor that made me smile all day long, kept me active and most importantly - happy. Though the weather might
change during the day today, the effect has been done. :)
It's the fact that you have trustworthy friends, close friends in a city which was a stranger to you about a year ago. But it welcomed you with arms wide open! It made you fall in love with it. It made you fall in love with the people, the lifestyle. It became a friend within a month. It made you comfortable in less than a month.
It just brought out the you in you.
It's never the city that makes you low on some days. It's always the people around you that matter. Or maybe the person within you. I can never blame this city for anything wrong. I love it to the core. It's like a relationship. A love - hate relationship. Where you hate it sometimes, because of the people.
It's like everyday you have a story to tell. Which reminds of this line from a song in Wake Up Sid - "Sun rahi hun sudh - budh khoke, koi main kahaani, poori kahaani hai kya kise hai pata...."
This city has given me my freedom. I love Bangalore. And it has definitely struck the right chord of my heart, which brings the other chords in tune. :)


Vineet Rajan said...

It's a very heart felt post, and I loved the way you have written it. Its also safe to say, you have grown as a person I am sure everyone around you would be proud off!

Not to mention the good influence of your dear sister! :)

All the best in what ever you to, and you know when they come with the worst to you! Take it head on!

Nirupama said...

Hey Big B,
Thanks for the lovely comment :) Yes, I had to grow up someday!! :D

Definitely D has played a very important role in my life! :) There's no denying that fact!

Thank you so much for the wishes! I'm all ready to take whatever comes my way! Head on, always! :)

Vandana said...

Awesooooommee!!!! Keep Smiling.. after all a smile is a curve that sets everything straight :))) Cheers to the spirit of Bangalore!

Nirupama said...

Hey Vandu,
Thanks for dropping by :) A smile is something which never fades!

Priya Iyer said...

you have been tagged!!