Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 9 & Day 10 of the Photography Challenge

It's a good time to cover two days of pending photos :)

I like whacky, creatiive stuff. Chumbak is a brand that comes up with amazing Indianised stuff. Love their products! This was a gift from a friend.

Cake designs are another favourites! I like to look at different cake designs, some are interesting and innovative. This is the cake for a friend's son's first birthday.

Nothing fits better and makes one more comfortable than a good old pair of jeans. This one is my favourite pair!


This is for the July Photo A Day Challenge. The theme for Day 9 was 3 Things.


For some reason, when I saw the theme for day 10 - Smooth, I thought of whiskey as it 'goes down smoothly' :D Though I haven't clicked a picture of whiskey, this picture is my best shot at today's theme! What do you think?

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