Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Closet Full Of Memories And Life!

My books have been lying on the table at my in-laws' house. I noticed how they have reduced the space at the table and decided to line them up in V's shelf. As I started taking out books to make space for new ones, there was this whole line of V's books from school and college behind this visible line! I smiled instantly, my geek! He has preserved everything that he has learnt. I find that to be very adorable. But this activity also made me want to clean the whole of his shelf. And so began the annual cleaning ritual; only this time, it's at my in-laws' house :)

All I could find throughout the shelf was books, books and books from college! It reminded me of the study shelf we have at home. All you can find there is books from childhood till college. Though V loves his books, sadly he doesn't have time to rearrange them. Every time I opened that closet, I would want to arrange those haphazardly kept books and stuff. So I did today! Amidst pulling out all his books, I found things from his childhood which he has preserved. A broken miniature van from Hot Wheels (of which I've heard stories from V and his parents), his geometry boxes, rakhis, keychains gifted by friends, lots of fountain pens (yay!!)... And a world which opened up in front of me. At every find, I kept thinking what a sweetheart V is. 

My mother-in-law told me that he preserves everything, even little pieces of paper which might have only one sentence written on them, which I did notice. She also told me that nobody ever touches his shelf and looks through his stuff! I have the privilege to do so ;)

I also found our wedding cards in that stack, it felt so nice to look at them :) An envelope in which I had sent a letter to him during our letter-writing days, refreshed my memory. Although the letter is in another stack, he still kept the envelope! I had completely forgotten about a post card I had sent to him from Fort Kochi. I looked at the message and was happy to realise that I understand him.

After the cleaning up session, I realised how much I love V. That in love, how you have small joys hidden in such small rituals, or closet if I can say! And also how V's home has become mine too :)

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