Thursday, March 28, 2013

Brownie Points Indeed!

I've been experimenting in the kitchen since marriage happened. The one thing that comes out consistently amazing is the cakes I bake! Whether they're with or without eggs, they come out to be awesome (touch wood)! I am satisfied that there's something in the kitchen that turns out to be good :)

So I baked another cake after a long time yesterday, to be sent to my aunt. V wanted a piece of it and I made it clear that he is not going to touch it since I haven't baked it for him. But while packing the cake, it wouldn't fit as whole in the box, so I had to cut it in pieces and pack. As one hindi proverb goes, "Daane daane pe likha hai khanewaale ka naam!", this one piece of cake wouldn't fit in the box. And hence, I saved it for V. He tasted it, loved it, hugged me and said, "You've become a cake expert!"

And then he requested me to bake him a brownie. He loves brownie, completely adores it. At that moment I saw where I was standing. From cribbing about cooking and finding V's support, to getting a request from him about baking him his favourite dessert - I have come a full circle. 

It meant a lot to me, his request. It made me realise what support means, what trust means, and most importantly - what love means. Just grateful for such simple joys and such a lovely husband :)

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