Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Realising What Better Half Means...

In Sync

As I am still taking my initial steps into being a housewife, I find only one factor that is encouraging. My better half, V.

Three months into our marriage, I am still smitten by him. And I know somewhere that I'll always be. There are just days when I end up creating a mess out of the day, in hope of trying out something new in the kitchen. Disappointed and in a given up state, I get irritated with myself. It's only V who manages to bring me to a state where I can restart and give things another try. When he tries my new not-so-good dishes, the first sentence is always, "It's good! May be you should put...." more of this and less of that. I must say, V knows how to frame his words :D

V's first habit, I noticed, was commenting on food. He has strong taste buds - a slight difference and he catches it. I have teased him all through that he is a 'fusspot', for the instant comments he makes on food. I would only realise later that it would help me in improving my cooking skills (not that I am a great cook or anything).

I fight with him on weekends, complaining how boring this city is and how we have nowhere to go. I stay silent to express how upset I am and he bears with me, trying to strike a conversation all through, giving me options of what we can do. But I shoot them down, just because of my foul mood. Women! ;-) And at the end of the day, he looks at me and apologises, for no reason. He keeps saying sorry, urging me to talk, and I realise how stupid I have been...

Sometimes he gets irritated too, and all I have to do is kiss him on the forehead. His face lights up with a smile in an instant... And I realise how blessed I am to be with him. 

There are probably a lot of moments with him which I would call 'small joys of life'. Something I have always banked upon, and wished to do the same after getting married. V gives me more of them each day. Somehow, each day in a new way (or the same way) he makes me realise what being a better half means. He definitely is one :)


Anupama said...

Touch wood :)

Vandana said...

So true! Once you know the joy of loving and being loved... therez nothing more than that!

God Bless the happy couple! <3

Keep up the cooking ;)

Neha Kawadkar said...

very sweetly written :)

Nirupama said...

@D - Touchwood indeed :)
@Vandu - True words Vandu! Thank you for the wishes :)
@Neha - Thanks a lot! :)