Friday, September 27, 2013

Bottle Full Of Emotions...

Bottled up

So this one fine day, I find sea shells tucked away in my closet. I remember keeping them safe so that I will come up with some idea to use them in a beautiful way someday. And that idea struck me that same day. So I ask V if we can execute it, and he was more than happy to take part in it.

Although we've reached only half through, we coloured the bottle in this beautiful aqua-blue. And as I was reading one day, there was a ray of sunlight which made me bring this bottle to be kept against it. I love the effect it has created!

The colour, apt to its name, gives a reflection of water inside it... It made me think on how sometimes we bottle up things inside us. The emotions seem to flow smooth as water, and all we have to do is vent out to the right person. Look at the brighter side - it brings out the best in you, sheds you of the assumptions you have, and makes you look beautiful...bringing out the true colours.

Though it's not as easy as it sounds (for me, at least), all we have to do is let go...

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