Friday, June 26, 2015

On A Gourmet Journey

I have been cooking here and there since I got into college. My mother never forced both her daughters to 'learn cooking' and rather they'd focus on their studies. But like my mother learned from hers, I did from mine - just by watching her cook. The great power of the subconscious mind is that it registers things even without you trying to do it intentionally. And so, all those study sessions on the long cooking platform while mom cooked, those chat sessions where I would recite the day's events - all were parallel-y registering the way my mum cooked. 

When I moved to Bangalore with my sister, I became a better cook. Cooking under an hour, preparing breakfast and lunch for office just in time to catch the bus - everything happened nicely. I never got feedback on my cooking, though my sister was a darling and never said it was bad :D I became confident. 

But when I got married, I hardly had a chance to cook because my father-in-law has developed peculiar tastes - let's just say he mostly likes what his wife cooks :) Which gave me jitters! The idea of getting rejected may be. And so I almost hardly cooked for two years, except when the need be. Eventually, I lost interest in cooking for various reasons, one of them being no motivation. So instead of getting my head into it and being dejected, I would only help my mother-in-law.

Two months back, I and the better-half rented out a place of our own, a world of our own. I had limitless opportunities in front of me to lead a life my way. To cook my way. The better-half took a good interest in cooking and my my! Does he cook well! [I always knew leos are great cooks ;)] But he is no less of a critique either. My work keeps me busy too (grateful!) and the husband would take care of one meal, mostly dinner. But then, I have collected all these amazing recipe books that need some attention and were making me feel guilty. So I decided to take a self-imposed cooking challenge - one recipe everyday, both from the book and otherwise. The movie Julie and Julia is behind this idea and I want to give it a try. A personal record of what I make on a daily basis. 

Seems apt to say - food is my religion now!

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