Monday, July 12, 2010

My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

I have been tagged by Priya to list at least 10 of my 'sins' against gender stereotypes! (I'll take the liberty of listing more than 10 though :D) Thanks for tagging me Priya :)

Stereotypes are only that - stereotypes! There's no meaning to it! Be it in any regard. Recently I found out that the full form of GOLF is Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden! Do I have to say anything more? :P

My so-called
sins are as follows (not priority-wise):-

1. I love men's wallets! They are so much easier to use! It's a pain to carry that huge purse everytime :( I've always been attracted to men's wallet :)

2. I've always loved the aroma of Old Spice - the after shave lotion :D I used to stand besides my father when he used to apply it. Later, he used to dab some of it on my handkerchief for me to enjoy the aroma :)

3. I'm in love with men's perfumes! Totally! While picking up perfumes for me, I sometimes check men's perfumes as well :)

4. I do not identify with the crappy line -
Betiyaan paraayi hoti hai. In fact, girls are more responsible nowadays. And independent as well.

5. I hate girls/women whose life - purpose is to gossip in their free time. I gossip too sometimes, but not with so much of intensity and do not like to indulge in it. I've always stayed away from those girls/women who have nothing better to do but sit and gossip.

6. I adjust/adapt to my surroundings very quickly, and I'm not the one who will put up with her
nakhras wherever she goes. I do that only at my house sometimes :D ;)

7. I'd love to and
have to learn to ride a bike. I want to own a sports bike, a sexy one, some day. I don't know why I have that fantasy or urge! But it has to happen.

8. I have to own a sexy car one day as well.

9. I love watching sports like football, F1, basket ball, etc. I confess that I might not know the rules of those games, but I like to watch them. :)

10. I do believe that women are bad drivers :D Very few women drivers are good.

11. Though I like to stay at home, I do believe that women should go out and face the real world. It's a great experience and makes them independent.

12. I'm not an out and out traveler, but I like to do that. Exploring new places, new cultures.

13. I like to meet new people and I'm not scared to do that. I don't hesitate to talk to people.

14. I
love food! I'm a foodie! And I can hog on it! I'm not very very conscious of the calories and stuff. If I like something (Death By Chocolate, for example :D) I'll have it, not even thinking twice about it.

15. I like Rock Music.

16. I do not apply make up. At all. Never felt like it!

I think this is my list for now. I do love being a woman. It's a different world! After all, men are from mars and women are from venus ;) I like to do typical girly things like
shopping, enjoying pani-puri, etc. too.

I don't want to tag anyone for this post. That's it for now then. Hope I made sense to the tag :D


Priya Iyer said...

Nicely done!! I love men's wallets and perfumes too!! :)

thanks for taking it up!

Nirupama said...

Hey Priya!!
Thank you so much for the comment :)
Yeah! They really catch my attention!
Thanks for the tag again :)

Deepak said...


gr8 post... and hope that u get the bike and car...

:) just let me know which road u will be driving thru...(at this point was reading point no. 11).

Nirupama said...

Hey Deepak,

Thanks for the comment and the wishes :) Will surely let you know the route once I'm out on the roads! I can understand your safety concerns :D
Thanks for dropping by :)

Pradeep Kumar said...

Hey Hi ...
Liked your writing !!
I am new blogger.Just Trying my hands to show my feelings and share some thoughts.I am not regular but trying hard to catch up Blogger's world.

Good work !!! keep writing.

Nirupama said...

Hey Pradeep,
Thanks for dropping by! And welcome to the blogging world :)
I'm sure you'll catch up on it soon and in a good way :)
Thanks for the comment again! :)
Keep writing you too!