Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Koel With An Exceptional Voice

The Bangalore weather is delightful again! Monsoon is here! While walking in the morning, I heard this Koel singing. Oh! How I love the way she sings. A melodious voice, which soothes you and reminds you of how beautiful music is and can be. But the one thing I noticed in this particular Koel's voice today was that it wasn't beautiful. There was something wrong. There was a husky tone in her voice.

The Koel did not stop singing. She kept singing in her husky voice. It was as if she was trying harder to be melodious, each time she called. I kept listening to her, and there was a thought hidden behind the Koel's singing.

Though the bird wasn't melodious, she was making it a point to try and get better with each call she made. Undergoing a training, may be. Aren't our lives similar? You're quite unsure of the path ahead with every step you take. But that doesn't stop you from taking a step. You make an effort to put the right step on the right path and if you commit any mistakes you learn from them, keep them in mind, and keep walking.

What you also learn is the efforts you put in, the lessons you learnt, the fear you overcame. Like the Koel. She probably knew that her voice is bad, but she wasn't scared to sing. She will overcome and fight her fear and prove it to the world, that though all Koels are melodious singers, there are exceptions - everywhere. And because of such exceptions, you have a different perspective towards life - a positive one for sure. And you know, you're on the path to a better life.

And I do believe, that struggles - however big or small - bring out the real you. Like diamonds.


popsie said...

Guess it's all about 'perspective'! Was she trying hard to improve her voice or was she in pain and calling it her fellow Koels for help?

Nirupama said...

Hey Popsie!
Thanks for dropping by :) It definitely is all about perspective!