Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dancing away

Who doesn't like to dance! Very few! Even those who are shy to come to the dance floor, definitely feel the beats and move a bit! I was one of those shy people in college, but now? Nobody can stop me :D (I don't care if I'm good or bad at it!)

I had been dying to go dancing, but just couldn't get the chance and the time! My recent trip with office friends gave me the chance and the time! I couldn't ask for more! We danced till midnight the first evening and the second (and the last evening) we danced till 2am! We were unstoppable! Everybody enjoying it to the core, literally. And I realised....
- You are yourself while dancing. This 'is' the one time when you really don't care about anything/anybody around you. You have that 'I don't care' attitude overflowing! :)

- You leave all your worries at a place where they deserve to be, and dance away.

- You live (dance) like never before! Like this is the last day. You live life to the fullest at that very moment. :)

So the next time you see a dance floor, jump on it and dance away to what you would like to - glory, life, fun, friends! And realise, that sometimes we make most of life out of these small, silly, fun, crazy things! Isn't it?

In a way, it's life personified :)


Vandana said...

TOTALLY!!!! So, when are we going???

Nirupama said...

Hey Vandu!!
We'll go once you return from your trip :)

Priya Iyer said...

Loved the way you have described dancing. :)

Nirupama said...

Hey Priya!
Glad you liked it :)
Thanks for the comment :)