Saturday, August 21, 2010

Driving At Night

I don't know exactly when I started liking speed! And I'm not scared of speed unless I know how good or bad the driver is (obviously :D )! I love to watch bike/car/speed sequences in movies!

I like late nights in general. Especially the time from 12 to 4 or 5 am! You witness a completely different picture of the city! There's a little bit of buzz, just the right amount... And the best part is the serenity around! But the city cannot be called as dead. It is serene, peaceful, calm. Especially in big cities, it is so good to see the city in such a state at night. Because all day through, you'll be facing traffic - of more or less intensity. You don't want to be on the roads at sometimes. But after 11pm is different!

The city turns into a movie (for me!) at night. Empty roads, those orange lights falling on the roads, the cool breeze! Ah! Who wouldn't want to drive at such a time!

Today my friend said, I don't drive like how normally girls would drive. And I was happy! :) It definitely is a compliment, for a woman driver especially. I know the rules of the road. And I have fun in my own way when I drive at nights. When driving alone, I time myself! I love to do that! It is much more fun if I go out during late evenings. Because I like to cut through traffic and still make it in the timeline set by me! :D And I like to overtake fellow drivers! I don't know why it gives me a kick :D

I have this fantasy (to be converted into reality soon) of buying a sports bike and a superb car! I want to race ahead! Though I may not know the technicalities of a bike or a car even today, I want those two. I will be that speed lover who has the sense of driving and who knows the rules. My enjoyment shouldn't be trouble for others!

Come November, and the next thing off my list is learning to drive a proper bike! :) Oh! I love driving late in the nights! :)

Song on my mind 'Drive' by Incubus. Louve this number! :)


Poonam Tripathi Singampally said...

So many things going on in my head so putting it in bullet points
-riding a motor bike is damn easy as long as you know how to ride a bicycle or scooter, and I know it!! :)
-I am green with envy that you are riding your bike(scooty/scooter as people call) and I cant now. :(
-Yes it is really a nice compliment when people say you dont drive like a typical lady driver. Once we me and my other girl-friends from office zipped through another male colleague who was on bike, he called us "Roadies" :)

Nirupama said...

Thanks for the comment Bhabhi! :)
- I knew it's easy but never got time to learn :(
- Don't worry! It's just a metter of a few more months for you :D
- I know! It's such a nice feeling! And if anyone would have called me a 'Roadie' I would've been on cloud 9!! :D