Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dreams Turning To Reality...

Siiting in the coziest corner of the house, listening to John Mayer, peace all around, roads fresh with rain.... Ah! Life! What strikes me at this point of time is the thought of my future house. I don't know why! Or may be I do!

Today was a day filled with talking about and looking at bungalows. I was so happy to look at my cousin and his wife's dream being constructed :) Watching their dream being turned into a reality, discussing how the interiors will be! Was so much fun! Then we looked around some more bungalows in the colony, majority of them being beautiful!

It's the greatest feeling when something you dream of, comes true, isn't it? The rush, the imagination in your head about the future! You have that spark in your eyes, the one which makes you realise that your dream is secure. The spark that is curious for the fine, love-fun-filled life ahead. The thought of your near and dear ones being around you in the dream - the reality ahead :) Also the time you'd like to be alone for a while, away...enjoying your dream!

Yes. I believe in dreams coming true. And I also believe that only you can turn your dreams into reality. As it is said, if you don't want it bad, you don't want it at all. So keep dreaming (though in a practical way!)

Hope you all sleep well tonight, and dream the sweetest dream, which turns into reality soon :)


Vandana said...

Wow.... Hope all your dreams come true, sweety! And am sure Kripakar bhaiya n Poonam bhabhi's house is coming up jst like thr dream :)

Nirupama said...

Thanks a ton for the wishes Vandu! :)