Thursday, August 26, 2010

I, Me, Myself

I got an article today in the mail. It was titled 'You are the one you are waiting for'. I liked the name of the article, without even reading it! Some thoughts struck me by looking at the name of the article itself, and I did go on to read it immediately, as I wanted to find out if what I was thinking was mentioned there.

I agreed with the very first line there : We spend a lot of our lives looking for role models, mentors, teachers and gurus to guide us on our path. I also agree that there is nothing wrong in it. But what makes us do that? Is it the fact that we don't trust ourselves, our instincts? Yes we can go wrong. In fact, we will not be right every time! It is after committing mistakes that we learn. It is after erring we learn to trust ourselves, our instincts. Look within yourself for answers first. Fight for your decision if you know you can do it. And there's always an option of turning to others for help, when you're confused. But don't go the other way around. Don't turn to others first.

It is said you should take risks. True. Go ahead with your decision. You'll find out if it was right or wrong. And always know that whatever happens, happens for a reason - whether you're right or wrong. Ones who fight for their decisions and go ahead with it are called rebels. Why? They're perfectly allowed to that, and are may be born to do that. They have immense trust in themselves. They fail. They commit mistakes. They learn. And still be a rebel. Bingo! A good way to lead the only life we have, I'll say.

There's some amount of guilt that holds us back from being ourselves. We think of so many people (parents, other family members, friends, society etc.) and things before taking a stand. A stand for who? - For yourself! We are pressurised unnecessarily (that too by ourselves!). Why again? To lead our own life! Yes we owe to our parents. I totally agree. But why should that stop us from doing something we want? Why can't I keep everybody happy by being a rebel? Yes I can! The very fact that you have to fight to lead your own life, is ironical.

You have so many incidents to make you realise you are alone. You came into this world alone. You'll leave this world, all by yourself.You come to know who stand by you, when there are struggles in your life (clichéd but true). It's a totally different aspect which parallelly exists.  So you might as well live in your own way.

Doesn't stop us from being a socialite :) But the underlying fact being, trust yourself. You're not being selfish if you're being yourself. You're actually giving the gift of another human being to the world, by doing so. How are you different if you're trying to be someone else? How will you gain trust from others and from yourself, if you're being someone else and not you?

And it is said - if you don't love yourself, you cannot love others! :)

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