Sunday, July 11, 2010

Walking Through A Deathbed

The title I had in my head was 'Walking Through A Deathbed And Amongst Brain Dead People'. Yeah, thankfully I cut it short! But this is a long - pending post with the same title stuck in my head since I have been wanting to write it. Read on if you're ready for some more rants!

Doesn't it get irritating when the simplest tasks in your life start getting complicated and worsen each day? Like, crossing that bloody road everyday - morning and evening! It's like an MTv Roadies task (which I luckily win everyday!!). Or may be it's the fact that all the good drivers are not present on the road when I'm out! May it be walking or even if I take a bike!

For crossing those roads, even if I do follow the pedestrian signal, I have to check the signal I'm crossing for the possibility of a moron trying to jump a signal. Oh why even go that far! When I'm walking on the pavements - YES, they ARE meant for people like me, and we are a category called pedestrians - I have to look back often for a bike might just hit me! I don't know what they'll achieve by jumping those signals, or by driving on the pavement! You're not the only one in a hurry you know! Or may be you wanna use the loo urgently.
I'm sorry if that's the case.

The moment people realise that the signal is going to turn green, you should listen to the sounds of those vehicles. Accelerators raising. I feel as if I'm witnessing a live F1 race! Vroom vroom! Vrooooooooom! Oh yes, and these wanna be F1 racers will not wait for the pedestrians to cross the signal, even if they're midway. Because basically those who have those things with metal bodies to sit inside or on it, own the bloody roads! We pedestrians are a havoc for them!! Did anyone say 'respect for pedestrians?' Oh! I can't stop laughing when I hear that phrase.
You get an idea of the deathbed I'm talking about, right?

Now let's talk about the Brain Dead people. Well the above rants kinda explain that category. Nonsensical people who have been given these vehicles to drive, who do not even know the basic rules of the roads! Forget the rules! Basic sense is missing. I respect the man who came up with a true line, "Common sense is the most uncommon". Respect dude.

The other category of Brain Dead people is, in layman language, the perverts. Oh sorry, the organ brain is missing from their body, I think. And that's why they're special in a way. The no brains category sounds muuuuuch better. As if it wasn't enough to face them in buses, you have to be alert as a pedestrian and sometimes, even as a driver. As a pedestrian, you never know when and how they will come.

I have to utilise my brain in things like crossing roads, climbing buses (as they refuse to stop mostly), walking on pavements, being alert about the perverts around!! Now this is what I call waste of energy and brains! Getting irritated because other people do not have the...the....what's the word I'm looking for....SENSE.

All I desire at the end of the day is peace. I repeat - peace. Can I have some?? Hello?? Damn it!


Manoj said...

Really... true.. I kinda right the something on these lines everyday when Iam driving ... and "Common sense is not common" is my most favourite... Nicely written.. check out my blog which I had written sometime back.. you will read about my frustrations getting boiled over.. Good one again..

Nirupama said...

Hey Manoj!
Good to see you here :)
Yeah the line has become my favourite too lately. You see so many things which remind you of that!
Thanks for the comment :)
Will check out your blog :)
Thanx again!